Visiting Ho Chi Minh City in July

    Those soon-to-be-wet tourists visiting Saigon in July should come ready for rainy weather. It may be hot and humidly but this international city is still thriving with culture and entertainment.

    Climate Averages in Ho Chi Minh in July

    visiting ho chi minh city in july

    Tran Hung Dao Roundabout in HCMC in July. Photo: Mike

    July marks the midst of Ho Chi Minh City’s wet season and is characterized by frequent rains and heavy humidity. July shares the same temperatures as June, ranging from as low as 77°F (25°C) to as high as 89°F (31.7). Humidity increases slightly to 83%. Skies are typically cloudy throughout July, with only 5.8 hours of direct sunlight shining throughout the average 12.7 hour-long days.

    On average, Ho Chi Minh City receives 294.6 mm (11.6 on) of precipitation in July. Although July sees less rain than June, rainfall days increase to 22.9 days, meaning that the majority of the month is rainy and daily downpours are to be expected. However, the chance of wet days decreases from 56% at the beginning of the month to 52% by the end. Typhoons have been known to hit Ho Chi Minh City during this time of year.

    July Weather
    Temperature77-89°F (25-31.7°C)
    Precipitation294.6 mm (11.6 in)
    Rainfall22.9 days
    Daylight12.7 hr
    Sunlight5.8 hr

    Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh in July

    visiting ho chi minh city in july

    Cu Chi Tunnels in July. Photo: David Hamill

    Due to the constant rains and heavy humidity, it is best to avoid visiting Ho Chi Minh City in July and instead wait until the drier months to plan your trip.

    The upside of traveling to Ho Chi Minh City in July is that tourist numbers are much lower than the rest of the year, as there are no significant festivals or holidays taking place.

    Similar to June, July is a month of tropical fruits. If you visit Ho Chi Minh City during July, consider visiting the local fruit markets and nearby fruit orchards to taste some of Vietnam’s exotic fruits, such as durian, dragon fruit, rambutan, and mangosteen.

    To escape Ho Chi Minh City’s constant rains, consider exploring some of the city’s spectacular indoor attractions. Visit the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine for an in-depth look at Vietnamese medicinal practices and traditional architecture, or the War Remnants Museum to learn about the history of the Vietnam War and the First Indochina War.

    Other points of interest include the Cu Chi Tunnels, Saigon Central Post Office and the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theater.

    Tips for Visiting Ho Chi Minh in July

    visiting ho chi minh city in july

    Hồ Chí Minh City rainy weather. Photo: garycycles 8

    If you decide to visit Ho Chi Minh City during July, be sure to pack an umbrella, raincoat, and other rain gear, as downpours are to be expected daily. However, temperatures are still warm enough to be comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts or a long dress.

    Although sunlight hours are low, it is still recommended that you wear plenty of sunscreen and other sun protectant gear to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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