Visiting Ho Chi Minh City in February

    February is a fine time of year to be in Saigon. The weather cooperates well in terms of little rainfall, plenty of sun, and hot but not crazy hot temperatures. The annual Tet Festival might also be in full swing, depending on when the Lunar New Year falls on the calendar.

    In 2020 Tet happens for a week in late January, capping off on January 25th (so disregard the Tet mentions below). However, the lingering affects of increased travel to Vietnam linger well into February, in terms of both crowds and higher prices.

    Climate Averages in Ho Chi Minh in February

    visiting ho chi minh city in february

    Flower festival at Nguyen Hue street in February, HCMC. Photo: xiquinhosilva

    Temperatures slightly begin to rise in February to a low of 73°F (22.8°C) and a high of 90°F (32.2°C). Humidity also decreases slightly to 70%, making the climate more comfortable as the air will feel less muggy and sticky.

    February has the lowest amount of rainfall in the entire year, with an average precipitation of 2.5 mm of rain over one rainfall day. Over the 11.8 hour long days, February welcomes 8.8 hours of direct sunlight, which is the most amount of sunshine received throughout the whole year.

    February Weather
    Temperature73-90°F (22.8-32.2°C)
    Precipitation2.5 mm (0.10 in)
    Rainfall1 day
    Daylight11.8 hr
    Sunlight8.8 hr

    Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh in February

    visiting ho chi minh city in february

    Ho Chi Minh City. Lunar New Year celebrations as seen from the roof top bar. Photo: Franz Venhaus

    During late January or early/mid-February, depending on when the date falls in the Lunar Calendar, the Vietnamese celebrate Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet), also known as the Lunar New Year. This is the largest and busiest festival of the year as streets are transformed into festive displays of art, and many locals travel home to the countryside to be with their families. Generally, this festival lasts for one week but can go longer depending on when the date falls.

    At the stroke of midnight on the day before Tet, Hoi Chi Minh City hosts an elaborate fireworks display in six different areas.

    • Thu Thiem Tunnel
    • Dam Sen Park
    • Cu Chi Tunnels
    • Rung Sac Square
    • Lang Le-Bau Co historical site
    • Nga Ba Giong Memorial

    To experience Hoi Chi Minh City’s culture during Tet, visit Chinatown to observe a traditional dragon dance while admiring the festive decorations adorning the area. You can also take a walk on the pedestrian Nguyen Hue Street to admire the city’s annual Flower Festival. There the street is transformed into a festive work of art with gorgeous flower displays and LED lights.

    A Street Book Festival is hosted along the streets of Mac Thi Buoi, Nguyen Hue and Ngo Duc Ke from the first day of Tet to the fourth day. During this festival, locals display thousands of books, magazines, and other literary works to encourage people to read more.

    Tips for Visiting Ho Chi Minh in February

    visiting ho chi minh city in february

    Lunar New Year Street Scene in HCMC. Photo: Prince Roy

    February is one of the best times of the year to visit Hoi Chi Minh City, as temperatures are warm, humidity is low, and rainfall is rare.

    Rain gear is not necessary when traveling to Saigon during this time, but be sure to pack appropriate sun protection gear and light clothes suitable for warm weather. It’s also recommended that you bring moisturizing cream and drink plenty of fluids if visiting during this time as the weather can be drier than usual due to the lower humidity.

    If visiting during the Tet holiday, be prepared to find a lot of businesses, hotels and restaurants closed. Transportation may also be unavailable as many locals will be traveling home to the countryside to be with their families for the holiday. If you would like to travel to Hoi Chi Minh City during this time, book your tickets and accommodation in advance to avoid these challenges.

    If you wish to experience the distinct culture of the Hoi Chi Minh City locals, consider visiting during February to observe their traditions through the Tet holiday. However, if you are not fond of crowds and the higher prices the Tet festival brings, consider visiting the city later during the year.

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