Visiting Ho Chi Minh City in August

    Summer in Ho Chi Minh City brings out plenty of hot, wet weather. If you know and expect this, you can still have a blast in a world class city like Saigon.

    Climate Averages in Ho Chi Minh in August

    visiting ho chi minh city in august

    Rainy day Dong Khoi St in Ho Chi Minh City in August. Photo: ☼zlady

    Temperatures in August remain similar to that of the other wet months, ranging from a low of 77°F (25°C) to a high of 88°F (31.1°C). There is little variation in these temperatures between day and night. Similar to July, humidity remains at 83%. Over the average 12.5 hour-long days, there are approximately 5.5 hours of direct sunlight, which can be quite intense when it breaks through the clouds.

    Although Ho Chi Minh City still receives rain for over half of the month, precipitation and rainfall days decrease slightly, with an average of 271.8 mm (10.7 in) of precipitation falling over 22.4 rainfall days. Occasional rainstorms have been known to bring heavy rainfall to the city, which can cause flooding.

    August Weather
    Temperature77-88°F (25-31.1°C)
    Precipitation271.8 mm (10.7 in)
    Rainfall22.4 days
    Daylight12.5 hr
    Sunlight5.5 hr

    Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh in August

    visiting ho chi minh city in august

    Ho Chi Minh City traffic in August. Photo: Simon_sees

    Tourist numbers continue dropping in August due to the uncomfortable humidity and frequency of rainstorms. Additionally, Ho Chi Minh City is in the midst of its typhoon season in August, so many people tend to wait until the drier months to visit.

    To cool off from the hot weather and escape the city, visit the Thu Duc Stork Garden located approximately 20 km from the city center. Here you can camp, watch storks on the river, visit the nearby crocodile farm, and enjoy the fresh air.

    The UNESCO Can Gio Biosphere is another excellent option for those looking to get away from the city and enjoy the outdoors. Whether you would like to canoe through the mangrove forest, visit the Rung Sac Guerilla Base, or view wildlife at Monkey Island, there are many great activities available for all types of travelers.

    Tips for Visiting Ho Chi Minh in August

    visiting ho chi minh city in august

    Ready to rain weather at Notre Dame Cathedral in August. Photo: Hao Nguyen

    As rains remain frequent and heavy, it’s probably wise to avoid visiting Ho Chi Minh City during this time of year.

    The hot and humid weather is not only uncomfortable, but it is also more favorable for the spread of diseases, especially those having to do with the skin, digestive system, and lungs. For this reason, take extra precautions if you plan on visiting Ho Chi Minh in August. You can enhance the body’s resistance to disease by eating fruits rich in Vitamin C, such as orange, kiwis, and guava.

    Make sure that you always have a raincoat or umbrella on hand as rains continue to be regular in August. Otherwise, you will be comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt as the weather is still quite warm.

    Although there is not much sunlight due to the constant rains, it is important to protect yourself against the sun and refrain from exploring the city during the hottest time of the day (around 11 am to 2 pm).

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