Visiting Hanoi in March

    Climate Averages in Hanoi in March

    visiting hanoi in march

    Hanoi in March. Photo:

    As Hanoi progresses further into its spring season, you can begin to say goodbye to the chilly, winter weather and welcome warmer temperatures of as low as 65°F (18.3°C) and as high as 72°F (22.2°C). Hanoi continues to receive little sunshine throughout the month of March, slightly decreasing from February with 1.4 hours of direct sunlight received in an average day, representing 11% of the average 12 hours of daylight.

    Humidity remains similar to that of February, averaging around 83% throughout the month. As the monsoonal season begins to approach, rain starts to become more frequent during March, increasing significantly to 43.8 mm over 15 days of rainfall.

    March Weather
    Temperature65-72°F (18.3-22.2°C)
    Precipitation43.8 mm
    Rainfall15 days
    Daylight12 hr
    Sunlight1.4 hr

    Things To Do in Hanoi in March

    visiting hanoi in march

    Hanoi in March. Photo:

    Although the excitement of the majority of Hanoi’s annual festivals has come and gone, March is still a wonderful time to visit some of Hanoi’s outdoor attractions before the monsoonal season hits, such as the Hanoi Old Quarter and Hoan Kiem Lake.

    On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, thousands of pilgrims from all over Vietnam visit Hanoi’s renowned Perfume Pagoda Festival, located approximately 70 km from Hanoi. The festival typically begins between mid-February to March, when people visit to pay their respects to Buddha and pray for a prosperous year.

    The annual Dong Nhan Temple Festival takes place from the third to the sixth day of the second lunar month. The festival honors the Hai Ba Trung, the two celebrated heroines of Vietnam who led the rebellion against the Dong Han invaders in 40-43 AD, ultimately leading to their defeat. On the fifth day of this festival, their statues are taken from the temple and bathed in the Hong Kong River, which is followed by many exciting activities.

    Tips for Visiting Hanoi in March

    visiting hanoi in march

    Hanoi in March. Photo: Anthony Surace

    March is a wonderful time to visit Hanoi’s outdoor attractions as the weather is cool and not too hot. Temperatures throughout the day are comfortable enough to wear a t-shirt, with the mornings tending to be a bit cooler than the rest of the day.

    The spring season in Hanoi is incredibly beautiful as the increasing rainy weather creates great conditions for flowers and plants to bloom. As rainfall increases significantly from the slight drizzle experienced in February, be prepared to bring rain gear, such as an umbrella and/or poncho, in case of rain.

    March is typically when flu season begins due to the changing humidity, so be sure to pack flu medicine when visiting Hanoi during this time of year.

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