Vinh, Vietnam

    Vinh is situated on the north-central coast of Vietnam and is considered the economic and cultural center of the area. It’s also the most populous city in this region with an approximate number of nearly 500,000 occupants. In 2008, the city was upgraded to a Grade-I city with 16 urban and 9 suburban communes.


    vinh, vietnam

    In Vinh, capital of Nghệ An province. Photo: Prince Roy

    Located in Nghe An Province, the city was originally named Ke Van and later in 1789, it was officially given the name Vinh under European influences. The town had a big military and political significance and was known as the “gateway to the south”.

    Throughout history, Vinh was considered one of the major centers for rebellious and revolutionary activities. The place and its surrounding cities are also home to several important people in the history of Vietnam like Phan Boi Chau, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Tran Trong Kim, and Ho Chi Minh.

    Today, Vinh is one of the fastest-growing cities in the North and home to many heritage sites including natural attractions like the Lam River and the Hong Linh Mountain Rank.

    Main Attractions

    vinh, vietnam

    Cua Lo Beach. Photo: Isriya Paireepairit

    Cua Lo

    This beautiful beach vacation spot is 17 km northeast of Vinh. It’s a picturesque beach that you might want to stop by when you happen to find yourself in the city. It’s a brief and nice escape especially because this beach stretch is less crowded compared to the other beaches in Vietnam.

    Huong Tich Pagoda

    This main attraction was called the “First Hoan Cahu spot” because of its history that dates back thousands of years ago. It’s located about 20 km south of Vinh city and can be accessed via buses, boats, and cable cars.

    Pu Mat National Park

    While Pu Mat National Park is located 120 km away from Vinh, many people might be interested in going since it’s considered one the “largest and well-preserved parks” in Vietnam. There are many companies that offer tours to the national park which include guides that communicate well in English.

    Quyet Mountain Park

    This is both an ecological tourist area and a historical spot that’s just 5 km away from the city center. It was built in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the area.


    Visit the sunflower fields

    This activity would be great for tourists who have an extra day to spare because it would require traveling 100km. Although it’s a much longer journey, the 30 hectares of sunflower fields are definitely worth the visit. It’s a very popular spot among locals and foreign tourists who want to be surrounded by thousands of beaming sunflowers.

    Sit by Ho Chi Minh Park at night time

    You will be surprised to find a lot of people at the park when the sun goes down. It’s a great opportunity to grab a drink and mingle with locals.

    Try their local food

    Compared to other major cities, Vinh’s streets aren’t that packed with lots of food stalls but many restaurants do offer their local specialties like their noodle soup, barbeque meat in a bread roll, and grilled corn.

    Discover more around the region with the top things to do in Nghe An province.


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      Special Events

      Sunflower Festival – This festival starts late in December and lasts until early in January when the sunflowers are in full bloom. It aims to attract many tourists and to provide income for many locals.

      Activities near Vinh

      National Parks:



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