Two transparent kayaking spots

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Visitors can experience transparent kayaks and take impressive check-in photos at Con Dao and Phu Quoc.

The transparent kayak once caused a fever when it was first launched in 2017 by a company in Florida, USA. On a boat with special materials used to design airplane windows, visitors can paddle while enjoying the sea view below. In areas where the sea is clear, the bottom can be seen, and the effect of transparent kayaks is even more pronounced, making you feel like you are floating in the middle of the sea. In Vietnam, the new transparent kayaking experience has been introduced in Con Dao and Phu Quoc, helping visitors have fancy check-in photos. The experience of transparent kayaking is often combined with an island tour.

Con Dao

con dao tourism, kayak, kayaking, phu quoc tourism, two transparent kayaking spots

The clear water in Hon Trac combined with the transparent kayak makes visitors feel like they are floating on the sea. Photo: Ngoc Ha Chu

Visitors to Con Dao can experience transparent kayaking in Hon Trac. Chu Ngoc Ha, a tourist from Hanoi, booked a tour to visit 5 islands and directly participated in this exciting experience. “I go to Con Dao once a year, but this year is the first year I have had such an interesting trip when I can go kayaking throughout, go to release turtles that are not available in every season,” Ha shared.

Ha and a group of 9 guests stopped at Hon Trac to kayak and take souvenir photos. As someone who has been kayaking in many places, Ha finds the transparent sailing experience makes the effect more impressive when watching the whole scene under the sea. “The water in Con Dao is very clear, so sitting on the boat can see the entire coral reef below. The boat is easy to row, not afraid,” Ha said about the experience.

The price of the island tour combined with transparent kayaking that guests can experience in Con Dao is VND 890,000 per person for the 4-island tour, departing in the afternoon, and VND 1,090,000 per person for the 5-island tour, departing. daily morning. You can refer to the tour of Con Dao Explorer.

Phu Quoc

con dao tourism, kayak, kayaking, phu quoc tourism, two transparent kayaking spots

A transparent kayak is a tourism product that helps guests not only have a strange experience but also bring back beautiful images. Photo: Phan Phuong

In Phu Quoc , the best photo taken with a transparent kayak is at Gam Ghi island, where there are many natural corals. Phan Phuong, a representative of Plan To Travel, said that transparent kayaking is an innovative experience that “lifts the virtual life” for tourists after the fever of check-in on SUP boats by flycam starting from 2019.

Transparent kayaking experience is included in the 4-island and 3-island tours in Phu Quoc, participants are supported with free photography. “Combined with clear water, coral reefs make the photos of guests become more shimmering and magical,” Anh said.

To take photos, Plan To Travel’s team needs at least 3 people: a pose guide, someone to help put guests on the boat, push them away and pull them in, and the photographer who flies the drone and takes pictures, then edits. photos and return guests. Tour price of 4 Phu Quoc islands is currently 1.2 million VND per person, including Hon Thom cable car and lunch. Tour 3 islands including lunch but without cable car costs 800,000 VND per person.

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