Two days of forest road experience in Nam Cat Tien

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DONG NAI – Dinh Hoang Minh, 25 years old, and a group of friends have just had a trip to discover Bau Sau in Nam Cat Tien National Park.

Nam Cat Tien National Park is located in Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province. Travel time by motorbike or car from Ho Chi Minh City to here is about 3 hours. Bau Sau is a swamp located in the south of the national park, home to Siamese crocodile, a freshwater crocodile species of Southeast Asia.

Hoang Minh, from Ho Chi Minh City, is a nature lover. Whenever he needs to rest, he tends to go to places with lots of green space. But as an office worker, with little free time, Minh only arranges to go to nearby places and Nam Cat Tien is an ideal place.

bau sau, dong nai, male sand fairy, travel, two days of forest road experience in nam cat tien

The area inside Bau Sau in Nam Cat Tien National Park.


Minh’s group consists of 5 people departing from Ho Chi Minh City at 11:30 am on Saturday after work, about 3 pm to the place of residence. In the evening, the group holds a BBQ party, walks around the homestay area towards the forest – which will be conquered the next day.

On Sunday morning, the group departs at 8am, starting with a boat trip to the forest, the ticket price is 20,000 VND per person round-trip, the entrance fee to Bau Sau is 140,000 VND per person. To keep up the strength for the trek in the forest, Minh chooses a Jeep vehicle from where he buys tickets to the Bau Sau gate at a cost of 600,000 VND for 5 people both for the first time and for the return trip. Visitors can also choose a bicycle to stop and visit the beautiful scenery.

At 9:00 am, the walking distance to Bau Sau is more than 10 km both going and returning. Minh revealed: “The initial feeling was very exciting, then it was scared because the forest road should lose connection with the outside world, there is no phone signal.” However, thanks to traveling with a group and meeting many tourists, the feeling of fear gradually subsided, replaced by the enjoyment of nature. The cool air as soon as he entered the forest and the green space made Minh feel so small.

Not only that, the atmosphere and wild beauty of the forest create the feeling of enjoying the absolute nature. Especially in the dry season, on the forest sections, hundreds of colorful butterflies flutter around, creating a very special, multi-colored beauty.

bau sau, dong nai, male sand fairy, travel, two days of forest road experience in nam cat tien

Minh beside the forest road in the national park. Photo: NVCC

Going on the forest road, visitors are not afraid to get lost because there are very specific instructions, in addition, there is a signboard with notes for each type of tree. Minh said: “The road through the forest, there are many trees with impressive shapes. Many trees are noted carefully about the species, such as the 400-year-old pine tree, known as the “snake god” of Nam Cat Tien forest, attract many tourists to take pictures.

Continue to follow the map, go on a wooden road stretching about 5 m high above the ground, move about 500 m more to Bau Sau. Appearing in front of Minh’s eyes is a wide lagoon surrounded by green vegetation, quiet, only the sound of the natural wind rustling through each foliage.

Arriving at more than 11am, Minh ordered lunch with rangers. The dish was not special, but this was the meal he found the most delicious because he was hungry. After that, the group rested in the ranger camp. “This is a small wooden house, you can look at the impressive green areas, enjoy the cool air of nature that cannot be found in the city,” Minh said.

There is also a boating service, Minh’s delegation was taken by the rangers to visit, see close-up crocodiles diving, sometimes there are some animals to eat and drink water along the lagoon. In order to catch the afternoon ferry, Minh returned at 3pm, crossed the boat at 4pm, ending the weekend trip.

Compared to Minh’s previous natural discovery sites, Nam Cat Tien is impressed by the diverse ecosystem that still retains the pristine pristine features, especially the Bau Sau swamp area.

bau sau, dong nai, male sand fairy, travel, two days of forest road experience in nam cat tien

The group of friends took a picture next to a 400-year-old tree on a forest road. Photo: NVCC


In terms of clothing, you should choose sports clothes, discreetly avoid being bitten by insects, a pair of comfortable shoes because of the 10 km walking distance. In addition, you should bring some necessary items such as: water, insect repellent, walking stick in the forest (if needed), personal hygiene items…

Before visiting, visitors should check the weather in advance because if walking in the forest but it is raining, it will be difficult such as slippery, squeezing … However, visitors do not worry too much because the distance is not difficult. Follow the path to get there. It’s important to prepare for good health, rest if you feel tired, and bring enough water. Pre-order food with the rangers to fuel up for the ride home.

It is recommended to go to the forest from November to April, avoiding the rainy season. In addition, the time of the ferry is limited, visitors make a specific schedule and the exact time to catch the boat back.

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