Top things to do in Phu Quoc

    Phu Quoc’s island paradise features a full lineup of waters sports and beachside adventures. There are a lot of things to do and see on vacation here.

    This small Vietnamese island is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, just off the Cambodian coast, and is located within Kien Giang Province. The island is known for its clean, sandy beaches and pristine warm waters. The whole district is made up of 12 islands, with Phu Quoc being the largest.

    Phu Quoc Island’s best things to do

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Hon Thom, Phu Quoc. Photo: Cha già José

    It’s the ideal place for anyone looking for the best beach vacation. Phu Quoc has a lot more to offer, including some amazing seafood restaurants and night markets. It’s also home to the Phu Quoc National Park, which offers an array of ecosystems that one can marvel at.

    Although small, there are still plenty of luxury hotels in Phu Quoc to ensure you find a beachside resort if you’re looking for one. There’s also numerous of reliable, budget-friendly accommodations to stay. So, without further ado, let us list down the best things that Phu Quoc has to offer tourists.

    1. Explore the Island’s Striking Beaches

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Phu Quoc Beach. Photo: Mgzkun

    Phu Quoc is home to some of the most striking beaches all over the world. The beaches are home to the smoothest and finest white sand and are surrounded by coconut trees. A few of the beaches have lukewarm, sparkling clear and still waters, while others have harmless waves. You can easily find some of the most isolated beaches in the world in Phu Quoc!

    The most renowned beach on the island is Bai Sao, where the sea has soft waves and the beach itself has an assortment of swings where you can take breathtaking pictures. Long Beach is another gem in Phu Quoc with its calm and warm waters.

    You can book resorts on these beaches and spend quality time exploring nearby areas. You can also easily book a snorkeling tour on these beaches and explore all the marine life that the ocean has to offer.

    2. Visit the Phu Quoc Prison

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Phu Quoc Prison. Photo: Laika ac

    The Phu Quoc Prison has a long turbulent history. This is where Vietnamese soldiers were incarcerated during the Vietnam War. The prison has been turned into a museum. On your visit, you can find torture devices, photos of former prisoners, and displays of life-sized mannequins portraying what prison life was like when the prison was operational.

    There are tour guides in the area who speak a variety of languages and give prison tours in your preferred language. You can visit the prison both in the morning and in the afternoon. The entry cost per person is about 30,000 Vietnamese Dong, so it’s quite reasonable.

    Address: 350 Nguyen Van Cu, An Thoi town, Phu Quoc island, Kien Giang

    3. Try the Local Food at the Dinh Cậu Night Market

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Dinh Cau night market, Phu Quoc. Photo: Kate Ewing

    This market, mostly referred to as Phu Quoc Night Market, is basically a food street of sorts. It has around 50 stalls lined all over the street. The street starts with fresh seafood shops and ends with souvenir stalls. This night market is open from 5 pm till after midnight.

    Dinh Cau Market is the perfect place for seafood lovers; it has a variety of fresh seafood – squids, oysters, sea snakes, conch, scallops, blood cockles, shrimp, shark, stingray, sea snails, lobsters, and numerous types of fish – that is not readily available in markets.

    There are plenty of other options apart from seafood. Some restaurants even offer to cook live food for you, including snakes and frogs! However, one special item that we would highly recommend trying is rolled ice cream. You can choose from a range of flavors, which are then mashed into fresh ice cream and rolled into cups.

    Address: Khu 1, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang

    4. Visit the Phu Quoc National Park

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Phu Quoc National Park. Photo: Gavin White

    Phu Quoc National Park is the ideal place for tourists looking for adventurous hikes and treks. Situated in the northern part of the island, the park is home to the Cua Can River and the Ham Rong Mountain. It has clean and deserted beaches, wild flora and fauna, and cool brooks. The vast forest wraps up about 70% of the island.

    This park has all kinds of forest ecology that continue to thrive in Vietnam. The diverse landscape is home to wet lands, mangroves, small forested spots, rocky mountain forests, and coastal vegetation.

    Address: Phú Quốc, Bãi Thơm

    5. Plan a Picnic at the Suoi Tranh Waterfall

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Suoi Tranh Waterfall, Phu Quoc. Photo: jennifer yin

    If you need a change of scenery after visiting the beaches, then you should definitely head toward Suoi Tranh Waterfall. It’s an easy 20 minute hike away from the main entrance of the Suoi Tranh Eco Park. The hike itself is quite pleasant for nature lovers, as you are able to see and explore different flora and fauna in their natural form.

    It’s a 4-meter high waterfall situated in a truly charming place. Enclosed by caves, rock pools, and a flourishing rainforest, it’s an ideal place for a family picnic. There is also a cave formation, Hang Doi, near the waterfall, which is known as the Grotto of Bats. The fee to visit the waterfall is 5,000 Vietnamese Dong per person.

    Address: Dương Tơ, Phú Quốc, Kien Giang

    6. Discover the Local Life at Hàm Ninh Village

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Ham Ninh Village, Phu Quoc. Photo: Linh Vien Thai

    Ham Ninh village is a charming and scenic fishing village located on the east coast of the Phu Quoc Islands. Visiting the village is a great idea if you want to acquaint yourself with the locals and sneak a peek into the daily lives of the fishermen.

    This village is also a prime place for seafood enthusiasts. You can get a variety of fresh seafood at a good cost. The cost is definitely on the lower side as compared to the seafood you would get at the Dinh Cau night market. You can also avail the chance of fulfilling your eccentric food fantasies by trying out original dishes like sea cucumber soup!

    7. Explore the Dinh Cau Rock (Cau Temple)

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Dinh Cau Rock(Cau Temple). Photo: Binh Huynh

    The Dinh Cau Rock is a strangely formed natural rock formation, which the local anglers call upon before going on finishing expeditions. It’s situated right next to the Duong Dong fishing port. The Dinh Cau Temple has a vividly colored lighthouse and Buddhist shrine. Travelers love taking pictures at this temple.

    You have to take 29 snaking stone steps if you want to reach the temple’s rooftop veranda, where you will be welcomed with stunning sunset views of Duong Dong Town, Dinh Cau Beach, conventional fishing boats, and neighboring isles.

    The temple is open from 7 am to 6 pm and the admission is free of cost. However, all visitors are recommended to dress suitably out of deference for the locals that come to worship the temple.

    Address: Bach Dang Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Island

    8. Travel around the Island on a Motorbike

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Travel around the Island on a Motorbike in Phu Quoc. Photo: Hugh Derr

    If you know how to ride a bike, then rent a motorbike and explore Phu Quoc on your own! The traffic is not as bad as it is in other parts of Vietnam, and it is pretty safe to ride on a motorbike.

    If you have your own conveyance, you can easily explore all the hidden island beaches and travel to the tiny villages sprouted throughout the island. This will help you spend time with the locals and find out about the culture and current happenings.

    If you’re not entirely comfortable with the idea of renting a bike, then you can go with hiring a driver on a day’s rate. Both motorbike led tour and automobiles can be found. There are a lot of taxis available on the island, so you can easily find your own transport and explore the island at your own pace.

    9. Visit the Pepper Plantations

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Phu Quoc Pepper Farm. Photo: Jens Aarstein Holm

    Vietnam is known as the world’s biggest black pepper exporter, and the best of the lot comes directly from the pepper plantations in Phu Quoc. The island produces over 400 tonnes of strongly flavored and highly aromatic pepper per year!

    Upon entering a pepper plantation, you’ll see clusters upon clusters of red pepper crops. These fruits are then harvested and dried out under direct sunlight until they turn to a darker shade. These pepper farms are easily accessible for tourists; you can take an informed tour of the whole plantation process and take pictures along the way.

    Address: Dương Tơ, Phú Quốc ,Kiên Giang

    10. Pay a Visit to a Fish Sauce Factory

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Vats of Fish Sauce at Fish Sauce Factory, Phu Quoc. Photo: Tanenhaus

    Anyone who is fond of Asian cooking is well aware of the aromatic fish sauce. This sauce is associated most commonly with Vietnamese cuisine; in fact, Vietnam is where fish sauce was invented! Phu Quoc’s fish sauce is counted amongst the finest of the lot. It uses anchovies, which help mellow down the saltiness of the sauce.

    The Phu Quoc fish sauce factories are a must-visit place for all fish sauce lovers. When you visit these factories, you will see huge barrels of the sauce and feel the strong aroma of fermented fish. You can also buy fish sauce bottles as gifts for fellow Vietnamese cuisine lovers.

    11. Visit the Dazzling Pearl Farms

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Phu Quoc Pearls. Photo: Sergio Tittarini

    Phu Quoc is known for garnering exceptionally high quality pearls— even the elusive and valuable black pearls. Pearls are believed to have healing powers, and they are considered to bring fortuity and joy!

    A lot of the pearl farms on Phu Quoc waters are open for tourists. You can easily go and explore the art of pearl farming and marvel at the beautiful milky, black, and amber pearls that are being farmed. And of course, the pearls are available for purchase.

    12. Vinpearl Safari Phú Quốc

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Vinpearl Safari, Phu Quoc. Photo: Nguyen Hung Vu

    The 380 hectares Vinpearl Safari and Conservation Park is the first zoo of its kind in Vietnam. It’s the only zoo build by the International Safari Model that’s open in the country. It’s tucked away in the northwest end of Phu Quoc Island, by the Long Beach area.

    There are two main sections to explore: Wildlife Park (Safari Park) and Open Zoo. Combined they feature more than 3,000 animals of more than 150 rare species from around the world.

    Tree lined roads wine thru the Open Zoo, past exhibits such as Primate World with a range of monkeys and gorillas. The Ungulates area features everything from African Lions and Bengal Tigers to One Hump Camels and numerous bear species.

    There’s also a Bird area with three themed gardens. Following rigorous standards, Wildlife Park actually requires you to drive in specialized vehicles. You’ll be the ones caged up, as the animals roam free in a variety of different habitats.

    Address: Unnamed Road, Gành Dầu, Phú Quốc, tỉnh Kiên Giang | Phone: +84 297 3636 699

    13. Hòn Thơm

    top things to do in phu quoc

    Snorkeling at Hon Thom in Phu Quoc. Photo: Cha già José

    Also known as Pineapple Island, Hon Thom Island offers you a chance to even further get away from the crowd during your vacation. One of the coolest, most unique perks of the island is how you can get there.

    Take the Hon Thom Cable Car, which connects An Thoi in southern Phu Quoc, which is the 2nd largest city, with Hon Thom Island, the region’s 2nd largest island (after Phu Quoc). It’s actually the world’s longest and continuous cable car, a three cable aerial system.

    Probably the biggest attraction is located at the center of the island, the Hon Thom Nature Park. It’s both an amusement and water park that’s fun for all ages. The other big draws are the incredible snorkeling and various water sports.

    These are some of the best places to visit and things to do on the beautiful island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam. So, what are you waiting for? Get packing and head to Phu Quoc Island,

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