Top things to do in Nha Trang

    Nha Trang is a large beach city with a lot of fun things to do and see year-round. This southern Vietnam coastal town is easy to access from HCMC by bus, motorbike, train, or shuttle.

    The resort city of Nha Trang is surrounded by glorious mountains, lush green islands, and coastal beaches. Accented with splendid waterfalls, azure seawater, and all-year sunny weather, Nha Trang is a nature lover’s tropical paradise.

    Nha Trang is rich with local culture and touristy locations; therefore, the city has quickly grown to become a popular tourist destination. As the capital of Khanh Hoa Province in Vietnam, its exotic cuisines, local crafts, rich heritage and friendly locals do justice to its reputation as one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

    Nha Trang’s best things to do

    top things to do in nha trang

    Po Nagar Temple in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Photo: gavindeas

    From water sports and nature hikes, to wining and dining, this coastal city of over 450,000 people has a lot to offer. Year round visitors come seeking all the fun things to do in this beautiful part of southern Vietnam. And to accommodate, there are a lot of coastal luxury hotels in Nha Trang. They’re the perfect place to soak in all of Pacific Ocean’s glory amid a five star resort.

    Here are top tourist activities in Nha Trang, Vietnam, in no particular order:

    1. Take a Mud Bath at Thap Ba Hot Springs

    top things to do in nha trang

    Take a Mud Bath at Thap Ba Hot Springs. Photo: Christopher Porter

    Nha Trang has a laid back and relaxing energy. If the main aim of your vacation is to de-stress, then this place should be at the top of your list. The city is particularly popular for its peaceful ambiance and spa treatments. From soothing massages to mud baths, the resort city offers the best treatments to relieve tight knots and strained muscles.

    At the Thap Ba Hot Springs Center feel the coolness of mineral rich mud as it invigorates your skin. The treatment is particularly soothing after a long day at the beach as it is a natural way to rejuvenate your skin. The mineral mud bath works best if it is followed by pressure jet showers. Thap Ba hot springs offer public sections as well as private Jacuzzis for those who prefer peace and privacy.

    Address: 15 Ngoc Son, Ngoc Hiep, Nha Trang | Phone: +84 58 383 5345

    2. Visit Long Son Pagoda

    top things to do in nha trang

    Great buddha – Long Son pagoda. Photo: Binh Huynh

    One of the top, most significant sites of Nha Trang is the Long Son Pagoda Temple. With its glorious white statue and gardens, this temple is a remarkable sight for visitors. The temple grounds invoke a sense of tranquility and peace, leaving one mesmerized and feeling spiritual.

    Originally built in 1886 on a hill, the temple was later moved to its current location after a tragedy. With its mystical dragon and earthen pottery, this temple is a must-visit for a traveler easily captivated by mysticism. Furthermore, the traditional Taoist construction accented with a rosy roof and white carvings acts as a great backdrop for some exciting pictures.

    Address: 20 Đường 23/10, Phươngsơn, ThànhphốNha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000

    3. Shop at Dam Market

    top things to do in nha trang

    Dam Market. Photo: Khánh Hmoong

    For the shopaholic at heart looking to score great deals, the Dam Market offers a great variety of items. From jewelry and clothes, to electronic items and much more, the UFO shaped, four-story building is a treasure trove for travelers in search of souvenirs.

    Open 7 days a week from 5 AM to 6:30 PM, this is the largest shopping market of Nha Trang. Additionally, it boasts a fantastic food court where you can taste authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The colorful ambiance and high energy of the market provide a unique experience to shoppers. It’s trendy spot where you can enjoy a morning or afternoon of haggling or pick gifts for your loved ones.

    Address: Nha Trang, KhanhHoa Province, 650000

    4. Visit the Po Nagar Temple

    top things to do in nha trang

    Po Nagar Temple in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Photo: gavindeas

    Known for its history and legends, the Po Nagar Temple, erected in the 8th century, offers a unique peek into the past. Still standing tall, despite losing four of its eight towers, the Po Nagar temple is an architectural marvel from yesteryears. Dedicated to the fabled Queen of Champa, the history behind this structure is extremely fascinating.

    The orange tinted stone and a pyramidal roof add to the beauty of the temple. If you have an appreciation for ancient architecture, then a trip to the iconic Po Nagar in Nha Trang is a neccessity.

    Address: 2 Tháng 4, VĩnhPhước, Thànhphố, Nha Trang, KhánhHòa 650000

    5. Visit the National Oceanographic Museum

    top things to do in nha trang

    National Oceanographic Museum. Photo: Marie

    A trip to the National Oceanographic Museum is a great way to spend your afternoon, especially if you’re traveling with your children. This affordable and entertaining museum contains enough specimens to keep children occupied for hours.

    Boasting an aquarium and over 20,000 marine exhibits, the museum has 2 stories. On your visit to the aquarium, you will see sea animals like puffer fish, sharks, lionfish and more. This museum currently contributes towards research and preservation of coral reef, which you can learn about during the tour. Overall, it is a fantastic and fun place for children to learn about sea life and the importance of protecting it.

    Additionally, travelers can learn about the local fishing culture of Vietnam through various exhibits too. If you’re into ocean life take a trip to the Aquarium Institute in Nha Trang..

    Address: 14 TrầnPhú, CầuĐá, ThànhphốNha Trang, KhánhHòa | Phone: +84 258 3590 307

    6. Have a fun day at VinPearl Land

    top things to do in nha trang

    Vinpearl Land Water World. Photo: Daniel Hoherd

    Built atop the lush green Hon Tre Island with scenic views of the cobalt blue sea, the VinWonders Nha Trang is a top-notch destination for family vacations. The park amusement offers both indoor and outdoor activities that you can engage in all day long. Some of the amusing activities include a round trip cable car ride, water slides and a carousel ride.

    You can also stay overnight at the hotel (affiliate link), buy treats at the shopping mall, or enjoy a delicious meal at the food court. The park also features an aquarium, a 4D amphitheater and a coastline of one of the most beautiful beaches in the city. Overall, this park is inarguably one of the best places to visit in Nha Trang.

    Address: Vinpearl Land, Hon Tre Island, Vinh Nguyen, Nha Trang 650000 | Phone: +84 1900 636 699

    7. Try the Local Dish Banh Can at Hoang Van Thu

    If you’re visiting Nha Trang, be sure to taste the local dish Banh Can. A fantastic snack to munch on, this local fast food is a bite-sized morsel bursting with authentic Vietnamese flavors. Made from rice cake, Banh Can is crunchy on the outside and decadent on the inside.

    Topped with quail eggs and condiments, the snack is great to have as breakfast or dinner. To enjoy it like the locals, eat it with a generous amount of shredded vegetables and fish sauce dip.

    Visit the Hoang Van Thu Street if you want to try this delicacy. The treats are prepared fresh in front of you on a coal pan and and are available from 6 till 9 in the morning. Hence, be sure to wake up early to enjoy this snack before it runs out at the shop.

    Address: 51 Hoàng Văn Thụ, Phương Sài, Thành phố Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa 650000 | Phone: +84 258 3818 170

    8. Enjoy the Fresh Seafood in Nha Trang

    top things to do in nha trang

    Grilling super-fresh seafood on Nha Trang beach. Photo: Peter Garnhum

    When in Nha Trang, opt for what Nha Trang is known for— its seafood! Called ‘Hai san’ in local dialect, this cuisine is prepared with the freshest produce right out of the sea.

    The cuisine includes a variety of fish and prawns fried or grilled to perfection. However, the menu offers delicacies such as squids, crabs, urchins, shellfish and jellyfish too. To enjoy your meal to the fullest, ensure to ask for a generous serving of tamarind sauce. Better yet, order a hotpot, too, for a true local experience.

    9. Go Scuba Diving

    top things to do in nha trang

    Go Scuba Diving in Nha Trang. Photo: Jeremy Johnstone

    The city of Nha Trang is surrounded by pristine beaches. It’s famous for its caves, coral reef extraordinary sea life and water activities. If you want to experience the thrill of underwater diving and snorkeling, then Nha Trang offers the best snorkeling and scuba diving experience to its visitors.

    Whether you are a novice or an expert, get a chance to learn from the best at Hon Mun Marine protected area. For the experienced divers looking to flex their expert skills, a dive into the natural surroundings at octopus rock will be both thrilling and enjoyable.

    10. Check Out the Waterfalls at Yang Bay

    top things to do in nha trang

    Water Falls at Yang Bay, Nha Trang. Photo: stanislav baranov

    Yang Bay is a delightful nature park with views right out of a fantasy novel. Accentuated with thick green trees and vegetation covered rocks, the park is a sight to behold. Besides this, it’s home to some wonderful hot springs and magnificent waterfalls too.

    The landscape holds mystical aura and the area is perfect for trekking. The park’s untouched beauty provides a great opportunity for photographers to practice their skills. Apart from this, you can enjoy calming dips in the hot waters too.

    This natural reserve is as enjoyable as it is visually striking. If you’re seeking inspiration, clarity and positivity, a trip to Yang Bay is just what you need.

    Address: KhánhPhú, KhánhVĩnh District, KhanhHoa Province

    11. Try Sailing

    top things to do in nha trang

    Sailing in Nha Trang. Photo: Lawrence Sinclair

    The islands across the mainland offer wonderful sailing deals and offers to visitors. You have the option to either rent private boats or share them with a group of tourists.

    On the boat, you can relax, enjoy the calming waves, have a picnic or just enjoy the sunny weather and the beautiful ocean. Sailing through the ocean is a great way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Nha Trang. Exploring the coast by boat is fun bucket list activity in Nha Trang.

    If sandy beaches, ancient temples, shopping malls and exotic nature reserves are your cup of tea, then you will have a blast exploring Nha Trang.

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