The world’s longest pedestrian glass bridge is about to welcome guests in Moc Chau

SON LA – Bach Long with a total length of 632 m, is registered as the world’s longest walking glass bridge, welcoming visitors on April 30.

Bach Long Bridge has a total length of 632 m, with the part spanning the cliff being 290 m, on the cliff 342 m. Under the bridge is a depth of 150 m, creating a sense of adventure. The width of the bridge deck is 2.4 m, the upper part of the cliff is 1.5 m. The type of glass on the face is Saint Gobain super tempered glass of France, including 3 layers, 40 mm thick.

The glass bridge installed an eye-catching lighting system and simulated sound to increase the experience. At the foot of the bridge is Muong Mooc cave, also known as Chim Than cave, with natural stalactites and stone sculptures reflecting the working and productive life of the ancient Thai people.

bach long bridge, moc chau, son la, the world’s longest pedestrian glass bridge is about to welcome guests in moc chau

The glass bridge crosses the 150 m deep chasm, surrounded by unspoiled mountains and hills. Photo: NVCC

Mr. Hoang Manh Duy, Head of the Project Communication Department, said that the bridge has completed the procedures to recognize the Guinness Record and is waiting for the registration of “The longest walking glass bridge in the world”. It is expected that Guinness will announce in late April or early May.

“Besides having tested the load to meet the standards with a safety factor of 6 times higher, we are confident in the quality of the tourism product of Bach Long glass bridge. In addition, for visitors to have a better experience. In terms of service, beautiful photography angles, we apply technology to automatically control the number of visitors at the same time,” Mr. Duy said. The project was decided to invest in February 2020, with a total capital of 773 billion VND in the first phase, starting in early 2021.

The bridge is one of the items of the Moc Chau Island tourist and resort complex, Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau district, which is decorating the landscape to serve visitors on the occasion of April 30 and the inauguration ceremony in the middle of the week. May.

This is the third glass bridge in Vietnam after Dragon May Bridge in Lai Chau and Love Bridge in Moc Chau. The longest glass bridges in the world previously recognized by Guinness were all in China. Currently, the title of the world’s longest glass bridge belongs to the bridge in the Tam Hiep Hoang Xuyen scenic area, 526 m.

Mr. Long Trung, Chairman of Moc Chau District People’s Committee, said: “The inauguration and putting into operation of the walking glass bridge is one of the big events of Moc Chau district and Son La province, creating a ripple effect and contributing to part to promote tourism development in the province and the Northwest region”.

Also on the occasion of the inauguration, the Moc Chau district embellished the urban area, invested in lighting, electricity system, environmental sanitation, and established a working group to ensure security… to serve tourists.

The ticket price to experience the glass bridge on weekends and holidays is 650,000 VND per adult, children 1-1.4 m tall is 450,000 VND. Ticket prices on weekdays are reduced by 100,000 VND. Son La people, students, and people with meritorious services reduce the ticket price for the day, which is usually 400,000 VND per adult and 250,000 VND for children. Children under 1 meter are free.

In addition to the glass bridge, on April 29, the amusement park will put into service visitors items such as Tabamboo restaurant built from 60,000 bamboo trees, visiting Chim Than Cave, Zipline, Air Sline slide, area outdoor fun Bouncing Cloud…

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