The history of Phan Thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

  1. Phan Thiet fish sauce more than 300 years of development
    1. The first is the story of Phan Thiet Fish Sauce Artisan Village.
    2. How is fish sauce made?
      1. Processing in the tent
      2. Processing in the oven
    3. What makes Phan Thiet fish sauce special?
      1. Method of making fish sauce
      2. How to identify fish sauce?
the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

Phan Thiet fish sauce more than 300 years of development

Phan Thiet fish sauce always fulfills the task of preserving the tradition inherent in every drop of pure, delicious fish sauce, despite the ups and downs of 300 years of artisan village, a development that is always recognized. Until Phan Thiet fish sauce became famous, the presence of fish sauce in every kitchen of Vietnamese families, everyone appreciated and felt the value of fish sauce. Phan Thiet Just search for the keyword “Phan Thiet Fish Sauce” and you will know that Phan Thiet Fish Sauce is one of the top 5 famous fish sauce cities from past to present.
You can also easily view more fish sauce from there. More information like detailed history of the craft village, the birth of fish sauce or even sharing the recipe how to make the taste of Phan Thiet fish sauce famous. Surely Phan Thiet fish sauce must be attractive to attract so much attention, do you want to learn more about its birth and development? of Phan Thiet Fish Sauce for hundreds of years? Please continue immediately.

the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

The first is the story of Phan Thiet Fish Sauce Artisan Village.

Phan Thiet city is famous for being favored by nature with many beautiful landscapes and rich seafood. This place especially attracts tourists because there are many fresh seafood dishes. In addition, one of the things tourists still do not forget to mention is Phan Thiet because it has the famous fish sauce flavor. In addition, Phan Thiet Fish Sauce is always at the top of the most famous fish sauce brands in Vietnam and shown in neighboring Asian countries.
So it’s a pity if you only come to Phan Thiet to enjoy the view or to relax and then come back, you will never know the good things you might have missed in your next visit to Phan Thiet. So, when you are bored with the familiar places, visit the famous fish sauce village here to refresh your trip and remember to visit the first and only fish sauce museum in the old fishing village. Vietnam. While visiting the museum you will learn more about Phan Thiet fish sauce production, knowing that fish sauce has been around for nearly 300 years, becoming more and more diverse.

How is fish sauce made?

Due to the large amount of fish caught, initially each batch of boats brought back from 10 to 20 tons. Because it can’t be eaten, the fishermen used salt to make the fish fresher. But they suddenly discovered that the fish expands with salt to create a rich fish sauce that people also call fish sauce.
When you think of fish, you will probably think of fish sauce. As simple as fish and salt, enough time to prepare the finished product, right? The reality is not simple, workers need to be very careful in each stage of preparation, meticulousness and perfection. The selection of ingredients is also very strict to be able to decide whether fish sauce is delicious and nutritious. In general, the main ingredient to make Phan Thiet fish sauce is anchovies.
Preserving many different types of anchovies, people here choose pepper anchovies. Fishing from April to August of the lunar calendar every year. Because fish sauce has a very delicious and rich taste if it is mixed at this time. Next, you will focus on processing, because Phan Thiet fish sauce does not only produce one type, there are two types of processing: Processing in tents and processing in pots.

the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

Processing in the tent

Due to processing in tents, the quantity produced is quite small. With this processing method, the tools to make fish sauce are also very simple. Use only 3 types of wooden crates: compost bins, dry buckets, and storage bins. Each box has a different size. The smallest can hold about 4 tons of fish, the largest can hold 5-6 tons of fish. Then salt the fish in a barrel with holes to extract fish sauce.

Processing in the oven

The production of fish sauce in a glass is unique, because fish sauce production facilities have to collect salt a year in advance, dry it thoroughly, and then incubate the salt in jars, which are very old with mud for salt. Then the ratio between fish and salt is 10 out of 3. The special thing of this method is that the fish sauce is not dried or incubated in the sun but only in the shade. The fish to be made to ripen most naturally after about 12 months. When the fish meat is absorbed evenly and smells good, people continue to filter it with special tools, such as chuop mouse fish. It is also thanks to this special traditional manual processing method that the people of Phan Thiet have kept the delicious flavor typical of this region’s fish sauce. The most common image at that time was probably the fisherman’s farm, the tents as high as the eyes. So much so that you only need to step foot into Phan Thiet Fish Village to feel the salty taste of salt, the characteristic taste of fish and fish sauce.

the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

What makes Phan Thiet fish sauce special?

Method of making fish sauce

Is that how people use special anchovies? Is the production method unusual? Or is it just the right protein setting for a unique taste? The main food protein is formed when the mixed fish is hydrolyzed.
In stage 1, the protein composition of fish sauce includes 2 products: nutritional protein and urea protein (ie rotten protein). If you do not know the percentage of nutritional protein in fish sauce is higher, the better the fish sauce. With the usual brewing method – rubbing – fish sauce with a protein content of only about 28-30 ° N can be produced. Fish sauce has a high protein content of 35-37 degrees, people need to pay attention to choose delicious, fresh fish and a high percentage of fish meat, besides it needs good drainage to reduce the amount of water in the tank. In addition, to get a higher protein content in fish sauce, people use the method of frugality, which is to use mauve water to sprinkle it, then discard it again. If you process a lot of fish in a row, some amount of protein will be increased.

the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

How to identify fish sauce?

There are many different ways to recognize the real Phan Thiet fish sauce, but the simplest way is to look at the whole fish sauce. Phan Thiet fish sauce will be straw yellow to reddish brown when used with anchovies, or light brown when using other ingredients. The water will be clear, with a strong smell and an unforgettable sweet taste. Perhaps this difference comes from the fermentation process under the sun and wind, as well as the average high temperature and low humidity that have markedly affected the fermentation mechanism – this is unique to Phan Thiet. In Phan Thiet, there are 3 craft villages making fish sauce, so the properties of fish sauce in each craft village are not the same:
In Phu Hai fish sauce artisan village: Because fish sauce here is made on a large scale, traditionally, the amount of salt is moderate. , clean, delicious, the quantity is quite large.
Thanh Hai Ward: Because most of the households are small fish sauce producers, the fish sauce made has a moderate salt and color. Beautiful cockroach brown color.
Finally, in Ham Tien – Mui Ne commune: This is a place with high quality anchovy raw materials, without additives, so the production quantity is very limited.

the history of phan thiet fish sauce is more than 300 years

Including Phan Thiet, annually produces about 25,000 liters of fish sauce to supply domestic and foreign markets. Phan Thiet fish sauce is also proud to be recognized by the Vietnamese record book as the top 10 sauce. Famous Vietnamese flavor, moreover, Phan Thiet fish sauce is now considered a meaningful “souvenir” family and friends as fish sauce tries to revive the tradition by using porcelain jars to store fish sauce.
You must have known the Phan Thiet fish sauce brand with a 300-year-old recipe and the quality of the fish sauce is guaranteed by hand. With fancy ceramic items, both can be brought as gifts and added to the unique beauty. Let’s cook and feel the position of Phan Thiet fish sauce for every delicious meal.

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