Special dishes of Binh Thuan province

  1. Special dishes of Binh Thuan province
    1. 1.Bánh rế /Banh rế cake
    2. 2. Dragon fruit
    3. 3. Phan Thiet rice cake
    4. 4. Phan Thiet fish sauce
    5. 5. Sap of Trôm
    6. 6. Grilled squid teeth – Special dishes of Binh Thuan
    7. 7. Grilled rice paper with fish sauce
    8. 8. Hot pot
    9. 9. Others

Special dishes of Binh Thuan province

Special dishes of Binh Thuan is good and must try when you visit to this place.

1.Bánh rế /Banh rế cake

special dishes of binh thuan province

In Binh Thuan, Phan Thiet is quite famous for the famous cake making, which is considered a specialty of Binh Thuan that is worth bringing back for those traveling far away, the taste of the cake is crispy and mixed with a little fat Comes with, enjoy as a snack is also great. Raw materials for banh re are sweet potatoes and tapioca, yellow as honey. When making this cake, what you need to do is peel the cassava, peel the sweet potato, and then grate it.

The best thing is that after being shaved, the roots are wrapped tightly together, so it’s easy to create the shape of a cake. Then fry it in hot oil, take it out and sprinkle some sugar water, let it cool to get a crispy, sweet and fragrant piece of cake. There are many types of banh re, but the most common are yellow cassava rice cakes, brown sweet potatoes, etc.

2. Dragon fruit

special dishes of binh thuan province

Binh Thuan dragon fruit is famous far and wide not only in the country but also very high in annual export volume, considered the largest dragon fruit growing region in the country. Coming to Binh Thuan, you can easily see the vast green fields of dragon fruit. Dragon fruit here is not only many but also the most famous in the country because of its sweet taste. Binh Thuan dragon fruit has red flesh and white flesh, each with its own flavor but very delicious.

Coming to Binh Thuan, you will be surprised with many different dishes such as dragon fruit salad, braised dragon fruit, dragon fruit with young ribs, dragon fruit tea… each dish has its own flavor, even eating dragon fruit. Nine trees are also very delicious: sweet as white flesh, sweet as red flesh. But my favorite is still the ripe dragon fruit, just bring it to your mouth to take a bite and the delicious taste spreads, isn’t it?

3. Phan Thiet rice cake

special dishes of binh thuan province

Coming to Phan Thiet, visitors will easily buy this specialty, com hoc is sold in all specialty stores, markets and some grocery stores. Com Hoc is made from delicious roasted glutinous rice and slug sugar with pineapple, ginger, raisins. When eating, just cut into pieces and enjoy, the shelf life of the nuggets does not exceed three months, so the delicious taste is not lost. Com is a very easy-to-preserve specialty. Come to Binh Thuan, don’t forget to bring it back for everyone to enjoy.

4. Phan Thiet fish sauce

special dishes of binh thuan province

Not a stranger to us, is it, Phan Thiet fish sauce has been around for a very long time (in 1809) and has existed until now enough to know how delicious and excellent quality is. The anchovies caught are carefully selected, leaving out those that are too big or too small or not fresh.

Fish are brought into salt without rinsing because before being brought ashore, the fish has been washed with sea water, mixed with fresh salt (unprocessed granular salt) for a long time for the fish to hydrolyze and crumble into an aqueous solution. filtered to get the pure water without fishy smell but characteristic of fish sauce. Depending on the filtration process, the fish sauce has different protein levels, often when sold to the market, people mix to have a uniform protein.

Fish sauce is an indispensable condiment in every family meal, making the meal richer and more delicious.

5. Sap of Trôm

special dishes of binh thuan province

Sap of Trôm is a secretion harvested from the bark of the trunk of Trom, the scientific name is Sterculia foetida, family Sterculiaceae. Trom latex contains many high nutritional values, has the effect of regulating blood sugar, stabilizing blood pressure, cooling the liver, detoxifying the liver, wound healing, laxative, anti-constipation.

In addition to the effect of cooling, detoxifying, anti-constipation, improving blood fat, oil extracted from Trom seeds also cures skin diseases such as itching, scabies, wound healing. Pus Trom is considered a drug, so when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage. There are no specific instructions for each subject, but depending on factors such as age, health condition, disease or physical location of each person.

In 2015, Tuy Phong latex Trom (Binh Thuan) was in the top 50 famous specialty dishes of Vietnam voted by the Vietnam Record organization. With such great uses, latex Trom is definitely an option when coming to Binh Thuan, isn’t it?

6. Grilled squid teeth – Special dishes of Binh Thuan

special dishes of binh thuan province

Usually the teeth are discarded, no one uses them for anything, only pig fangs or some other fangs are turned into jewelry by us, but no one eats them 😊). Particularly, the people here turn squid teeth into a specialty of this region. In the past, this part of the squid was often discarded, then some people tried to use it to make dishes that felt delicious and strange.

Today, it has become a local specialty as well as a familiar snack for generations of students. After cleaning, squid teeth are marinated with spices and skewered into sticks to be grilled; or like that, steamed, dipped in fried dough or even made squid cake with flour. This dish attracts many diners also thanks to the tough, crispy and sweet taste of squid when eaten with grilled rice paper, chili sauce is extremely fun and delicious.

7. Grilled rice paper with fish sauce

special dishes of binh thuan province

Do not miss when coming to this land, sitting with friends, eating a piece of crispy rice paper that melts in your mouth is nothing better. Rice paper with fish sauce is a dish that you definitely cannot ignore. The rice paper used for this dish is rice paper with a sprinkle of black sesame, the surface is covered with a little fish sauce, add raw quail eggs, spring rolls, fish cakes, and scallions and then grilled over a small charcoal fire for golden rice paper.

Eating the cake is both crispy and has the aroma of onions, the salty taste of fish sauce, and the deliciousness of spring rolls. Great.

8. Hot pot

special dishes of binh thuan province

To us it is quite a strange dish. But for the people of Binh Thuan, it is quite a popular dish and an attractive specialty. The main ingredients for making hot pot are fresh transparent fish, ripe star fruit, tomatoes and minced peppers and vegetables. The pot of tamarind broth is both rich and spicy and sour when eaten with vermicelli and vegetables, it is incomparably delicious.

Actually, in the past, it was vermicelli, but later when the demand for food increased, the people here changed it into a drop hot pot, which is delicious and good for your health. Coming to Mui Ne, if you have the opportunity to enjoy the hot pot, you will have the opportunity to admire the talented hands of the chefs in combining ingredients such as crab meat, pork, chicken eggs, and vegetables. smell… to turn into a very special dish.

9. Others

When coming to Binh Thuan, don’t forget to taste the cakes that are familiar but have a very unique flavor to this place such as:
– Banh quai cauldron: Quai cauldron cake attracts visitors with its clear, chewy dough, attractive red peeled shrimp dipped with a cup of fish sauce made from the famous local fish sauce or chewy steamed fish balls, smooth.

special dishes of binh thuan province

– Banh Canh Cha Ca: Cha Ca is used as the freshest type of fish that is freshly steamed or fried, Banh Canh is made from a delicious, chewy white dough and is not crushed. A bowl of hot cake soup sprinkled with a little coriander is delicious.

special dishes of binh thuan province

– Bánh hỏi lòng heo (Pork belly): with meticulousness in processing and balance in preparation. Pork belly cake is one of the addictive dishes when coming to this place.

special dishes of binh thuan province

– Banh Can: Cake is made from rice flour, poured into the mold with a little shrimp, squid, green onion on top, cooked and then removed to a plate in pairs with some fried onions and served hot with a bowl of braised fish sauce or sweet vinegar. Baked cakes do not use grease, so they are very soft and not greasy.

Above are some suggestions that Original Specialties suggest to have the opportunity to set foot in Binh Thuan, let’s enjoy together and buy as gifts for relatives.

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