Move and relax on Cu Lao Xanh island

binh dinh tourism, green isle, pacify, move and relax on cu lao xanh island

BINH DINH – Cu Lao Xanh is a destination chosen by many young people when coming to Quy Nhon thanks to its wild beauty, fresh blue sea, and no hustle and bustle.

Le Thi Phuong, 22 years old, living in Hanoi, just had a trip to Cu Lao Xanh island, Quy Nhon last April. This is the stop on her journey through Vietnam. Here are her experiences and tips for visitors.

binh dinh tourism, green isle, pacify, move and relax on cu lao xanh island

Cu Lao Blue Sea is clear and clean. Photo: Le Thi Phuong

Cu Lao Xanh, also known as Van Phi island, belongs to the Nhon Chau island commune, 24 km from Quy Nhon city, with an area of ​​364 hectares. This place is nicknamed “summer tourist paradise” by tourists in Vietnam because of its beautiful, clear, and unspoiled sea. The best time to visit is from February to July.

From Quy Nhon, visitors go to Ham Tu pier to move to Cu Lao Xanh, there are two options: take a speedboat for 200,000 VND per ticket, travel time 30-50 minutes, or choose to take a wooden train from Quy Nhon. fisherman for 2 hours for 25,000 VND. Alternatively, guests can follow the tour of the travel company, the price is about 750,000 VND per person, including transportation, and meals. The appropriate time of day for the trip is from 9am to 16h30.

The must-see attraction when coming to Cu Lao Xanh is the 130-year-old lighthouse, 119 m high. The building has a blend of the Gothic style of West and Eastern architecture. The body of the lighthouse is cylindrical, and inside is a spiral staircase. This is one of the three most famous lighthouses in Binh Dinh.

binh dinh tourism, green isle, pacify, move and relax on cu lao xanh island

Cu Lao Xanh lighthouse built during the French period is a destination not to be missed. Photo: Le Thi Phuong

Stone steppe beach is also a favorite destination when coming to Cu Lao Xanh. “This place is like a scene in Korean movies I’ve seen. You have to see the place with your own eyes to see its beauty”, Phuong shared. The area located in the north of the island, also known as the “stone forest” by tourists, defies the gravity of the earth because there are many large and small rocks that are precarious but do not fall.

If you want to swim, paddle SUP or snorkel, you can go to Coral Beach, there are many beautiful photo angles, a clear blue sea, suitable for bathing and having fun before lunch. Normally, visitors will be served steamed moon snails, grilled scallops, mudskippers, seaweed soup, and steamed scallops with lemongrass… when coming to Cu Lao Xanh.

According to Phuong, what she is impressed within Cu Lao Xanh is that this place still retains its pristine beauty with a coastal fishing village, a deserted space, not too crowded and chaotic like other beach tourist destinations, very suitable for tourists. people who like to experience, love to explore and love virtual life like to watch the beautiful sea.

“If I give 10 points for beautiful scenery, the people in Cu Lao Xanh will get… 11 points. From the guide, the driver, the water saleswoman to the waitresses at the restaurant, they all take care of everyone from A to A. to Z”, Phuong shared. She was surprised by the attentiveness and dedication of the local people serving on the island.

However, the weather in Cu Lao Xanh is quite hot and sunny, making Phuong “suffocated”, seeing the beautiful scenery but also afraid to take pictures because of the sun. She always wears a hat, mask, and tight coat. However, this is still a place worth trying when coming to Binh Dinh.

binh dinh tourism, green isle, pacify, move and relax on cu lao xanh island

A corner of the coastal image at the rocky steppe. Photo: Le Thi Phuong

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