Ho Coc, Vung Tau, Vietnam

    An up-and-coming beach resort destination, Ho Coc (Hồ Cốc) is a small coastal community in Vietnam’s Ba Ria-Vung Tau (Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu) Province. Often overlooked in favor of the nearby Vung Tau City, this beach area is an ideal place where tourists can escape the crowds while still enjoying a seaside vacation.

    With new developments being planned for the coast, Ho Coc is expected to experience a surge in its popularity with foreign and international tourists.

    Beach Resort Destination near Vung Tau

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Cross the bridge to Ho Coc Beach. Photo: Dong Le

    Ho Coc is integrated into the Xuyen Moc (Xuyên Mộc) District in Southeast Vietnam’s Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province. The provincial capital city, Ba Ria, is only a 50-minute drive away from Ho Coc, however, most of the area’s tourism is fueled by travelers from Ho Chi Minh City. Located about 120 km (74 mi) to the southeast of Ho Coc, driving from HCMC takes about 2.5 hours.

    History of Ho Coc

    With a flat landscape and long coastline, Ho Coc’s history has long been tied to the province’s economy. A small settlement, Ho Coc may not seem like much, but its seaside location makes it an important site for trade. Most significantly in modern history, the start of Ho Coc as a resort destination is linked to the days of French occupation.

    Being a prominent force throughout the province and Vietnam, Ho Coc wasn’t spared from French occupation. While the tiny community wasn’t as important as big cities like Vung Tau, the pristine beaches were highly sought after by the French forces. Used as a getaway, many of the French would head to the coast to relax on the beaches.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Aerial and coastal view of Ho Coc, Vietnam. Photo:

    Since the time of French occupation, tourism in Ho Coc has remained steady. Although filled with mostly small resorts, the wide beaches and gentle waters make Ho Coc a great place to swim and walk along the sand. Surrounded by natural rain forest, tourists can also take a break from the hot sun by heading to a shady spot under the trees.

    Main Attractions

    Ho Coc is one of many beaches nestled along the coast of Southeast Vietnam and has been deemed one of the most beautiful in the province. Boasting a limited array of quality resorts, most travelers prefer spending time at their hotel and the beach. However, other nearby attractions include the Binh Chau Hot Springs, Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve, fruit farms, and fishing villages.

    Ho Coc Beach

    At the center of Ho Coc and the main attraction of the area is the beach, also named Ho Coc. Stretching for more than 5 km (3 mi) along the sand, the beach features a variety of mid-range and luxury resorts. Two of the larger resorts have private, designated areas of the beach, meanwhile, the rest of the sand is open to the public.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Take a swim at Ho Coc Beach, Ho Coc, Vietnam. Photo by: Prince Roy.

    Following suit with common beach activities, tourists can lounge in the sun or play in the surf.  Moreover, the beachfront is also lined with small restaurants and shops that are owned by locals and their families. Lounge chair and umbrella rentals are also available for tourists who want to park themselves on the sand for a full day at the beach.

    Binh Chau Hot Springs

    Up the coast, a short distance away from Ho Coc, the Binh Chau Hot Springs are one of the most popular attractions in the area. Perfect for families or days when the waves are a little too rough, Binh Chau Hot Springs is like a water park, amusement park, and resort all in one. With playground areas and mud baths, the hot springs have more than 70 pools for guests to explore.

    Additionally, there are garden spaces and a few animals housed on the grounds in small enclosures. Guests can stay overnight at the resort in modern bungalows or day passes can be purchased at the entrance gate.

    Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

    Just 20 minutes inland from Ho Coc, the Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve is an important boundary for the local rainforests. Within the reserve, the rainforest habitat is strictly protected by the local government to ensure that local species of flora and fauna can thrive with limited interference.

    In fact, many consider the Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve to be one of the best places for tourists to experience an untouched and natural landscape. Stretching over an area of 11,293 hectares, the Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve is a hotspot for ecotourism. In the park, guests can hike through the forests to view the beautiful landscapes.

    Along the way, visitors might spot rare plant or animal species like Redwood, orchids, Bear macaques, or wild buffalo. Easily accessible from Ho Coc by taxi, visitors can explore the reserve on their own or seek assistance from a local guide.

    Fruit Farm Tours

    In the land around Ho Coc, many locals earn a living by growing fruit, with the most widely produced in the area being dragon fruit. Visitors who want to learn more about local agriculture and taste fresh tropical fruit should book a tour of a local farm. Most tour itineraries start early in the day with lunch included at the local farm. Some tours may include visits to nearby cashew or pepper farms too.

    Fishing Tours

    Before becoming e a resort community, Ho Coc thrived on trade and fishing. Existing on the outskirts of the community, tourists are invited to visit the fishing villages to learn about their culture and the local species. Similar to the fruit farm tours, fishing tours are hands-on, half-day events. During the tour, you can learn how to fish before sharing a meal of the fresh catch of the day.


    Developed with plans for future expansions, Ho Coc offers accommodations ranging from affordable hostels to luxury resorts. Two of the biggest resorts are the Seava Ho Tram Beach Resort and the Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau, meanwhile, budget options include the Azalea Coffee Homestay and the Binh An Backpacker Motel.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Seava Ho Tram. Photo: Seava Hồ Tràm

    Seava Ho Tram Beach Resort – With modern bungalows, karaoke, an on-site restaurant, and centrally located on Ho Coc Beach, the Seava Ho Tram Beach Resort is the premier accommodation. Boasting a large property, guests can choose between rooms or sea villas. With private beach access and an outdoor pool, the resort has everything travelers need to relax and enjoy their vacation.

    Azalea Coffee Homestay – Inland from the beach and in the quiet countryside, guests can rent the Azalea Coffee Homestay for a private vacation. A single room house, guests will have access to a bathroom and kitchen. With affordable rates and a friendly host, the Azalea Coffee Homestay has been highly rated as being safe, clean, and comfortable.

    Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau – Another large resort in Ho Coc is the Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau. Close to the Ho Coc, this hot springs resort offers premium rooms and private villas with access to a variety of gardens and mineral pools. On-site facilities include a fitness center, garden, and spa.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Pool at Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau. Photo: Minera Hot Springs Binh Chau

    Staff at the hotel speak English and they can assist guests with arranging off-site tours including fishing or horseback riding trips. A full-scale resort, guests will have access to free Wi-Fi and an on-site restaurant.

    Binh An Backpacker Motel – For a more social experience, tourists might want to check out the Binh An Backpacker Motel. Located in Ho Coc, this motel functions like a hostel with private and shared dorm rooms. Guests staying at the motel will be able to access free Wi-Fi, BBQ facilities, and a shared kitchen.

    Conveniently located, tourists will be able to walk to popular destinations like the beach or in-town restaurants. Staff at the motel can also assist guests in hiring a taxi or arranging for alternate transportation.


    Restaurants in Ho Coc are mostly local with menus featuring traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Seafood is often served fresh with daily catches offered by the local fishermen. Although resorts will have their own on-site restaurants, dining options in town are popular amongst tourists too. Just like hotels, the restaurants also have a range from affordable buffets to luxurious dining.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Staff outside Lob Ho Tram. Photo: Lob Ho Tram Restaurant

    Some of the best places to eat in Ho Coc are the Khoi Seafood Restaurant, Quan An 59D, Lob Ho Tram Restaurant, and the Quan Rung Bien Restaurant.


    While there is a rainy season that lasts from June to October, Ho Coc is a popular tourist destination year-round. That being said, tourism in the area begins to pick up in November, which is the start of the dry season. With consistent weather conditions that have less rain and heat, November to May are the best months to visit Ho Coc.

    Ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, visiting during the dry season ensures that you won’t have to worry about the weather interfering with your plans. And with big celebrations at the end and beginning of the year, travelers should book their accommodations well in advance if they plan to be in Ho Coc around the months of December or January.

    ho coc, vung tau, vietnam

    Camp overnight on Ho Coc Beach, Ho Coc, Vietnam. Photo by: Dong Le.

    Strung in a line of beach resorts along the coast, Ho Coc hasn’t become as popular as some of the nearby beach resorts. The lack of big crowds is certainly a benefit for those who do travel to this small community. Typically uncrowded throughout the year, tourists in Ho Coc will be able to truly relax and marvel at the natural landscape.

    With word spreading about Ho Coc’s beauty, now is the time to visit this resort community, before it becomes overrun by mass tourism.


    Address: Hồ Cốc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam

    Season: Year-round | Best during the dry season

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