Hanoi Opera House

    Completed in 1911 by the French-colonial government, the 589-seater Hanoi Opera House is now the pride of Vietnamese arts and theatre. In 1995, the Vietnamese government invested $14 million to upgrade and restore the historic building. In 2011, Hanoi Opera House was named a National Relic, a title bestowed on Vietnam’s oldest and most treasured architecture pieces.

    A Brief History

    hanoi opera house

    Hanoi Opera House. Photo: Prashant Ram

    French architects, Broyer and Harley, modeled the Hanoi Opera House on the famous Palais Garnier, a 1,979-seater opera house in Paris. The Hanoi Opera House’s construction took ten years to complete and is one of three opera houses built during the French era.

    Apart from hosting the arts, the Hanoi Opera House played a vital role in Vietnam’s democracy. In 1946, the venue hosted the first National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. Later that same year, the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was adopted.

    What to Expect

    hanoi opera house

    Chandelier inside Hanoi Opera House. Photo by: Andrea

    Hanoi Opera House usually has a full schedule with productions on stage every night of the week. The Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra and The National Ballet call Hanoi Opera House home, and you’re likely to catch one of their performances while in town.

    You can also catch performances from some of Vietnam’s most prominent production companies and international touring shows at Hanoi Opera House including performances from Lune Production.

    What’s Inside

    hanoi opera house

    Inside the Hanoi Opera House. Photo by: Mat Booth

    The building has three functional rooms, the main entrance hall, the Mirror Room, and the theater.

    The Main Entrance

    The Hanoi Opera House’s impressive main entrance hall features French-colonial architecture with marble tiles and a plush red carpet leading up a grand staircase.

    Besides welcoming guests to the theater, the interior space is often used for corporate events, cocktails, and other high-profile small gatherings.

    The Mirror Room

    The opulent Mirror Room at the Hanoi Opera House is a popular venue for hosting heads of state, high-profile Vietnamese government meetings, and important press conferences. The Mirror Room also hosts small intimate productions.

    The Theatre

    hanoi opera house

    Theatre room inside Hanoi Opera House. Photo by: Photo by: Mat Booth

    The main theatre has a seating capacity for 589 persons over three floors, with the third floor offering private box seating. The 24m x 24m auditorium has maintained its original French layout with plush velvet seats, carpeted floors, and an impressive ceiling complete with a massive chandelier featuring gold inlay.

    Tickets and Show Times

    Most performances start between 6 and 8 pm. For exact dates, times, and what’s showing, it’s best to check the Hanoi Opera House website. Make sure you book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

    hanoi opera house

    Hanoi Opera House. Photo: tpp1001


    Address: 01 Tràng Tiền, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Phone: +84 24 3933 0113

    Season: Year-round

    Website: hanoioperahouse.org.vn

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