Experiences you should try when traveling to Ha Long in the summer of 2022

ha long tourism, sun group, experiences you should try when traveling to ha long in the summer of 2022

Visitors can have fun at the SunWorld complex, take a Japanese-style hot mineral bath, stay at a 5-star resort or participate in a running race in Ha Long.

Have fun at Sun World Ha Long complex

One of the destinations that attract millions of visitors to Ha Long every year is the Sun Word Ha Long complex at the Bai Chay tourist center. The complex stretches on an area of ​​214 hectares, connecting from Bai Chay area to Ba Deo mountain by the Queen cable car system carrying two world records. Through the cable car cabin, visitors can admire the scenery of the blue bay, limestone mountains, and jade-colored water.

ha long tourism, sun group, experiences you should try when traveling to ha long in the summer of 2022

The Queen Cable Car. Photo: Sun Group

The Queen Cable Car takes visitors to the amusement park on the top of Ba Deo – the corner of “miniature Japan” with Koi pond, Japanese garden, Koi bridge, Sun Wheel and many other sightseeing and entertainment items such as houses. There is also a spiritual complex called Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu, which simulates the architecture of ancient Vietnamese pagodas of the 17th and 18th centuries and a system of bronze Buddha statues created with great feats.

Located in Sun World Ha Long is the tornado Bay water park (Typhoon Water Park) and the Dragon Theme Park theme park. In particular, Dragon Park gathers more than 20 super speed games, which is a must-visit destination for those who want to overcome their limits such as the speedy Flying Dragon, Death Wheel, Rage Rhino, Pirate Ship .. There are also games for the whole family such as Magic Cup, Angry Dancer, Fairy Train …

In addition, the complex also has Typhoon Water Park – the largest water park in Southeast Asia spread over an area of ​​​​nearly 20 hectares. This place has up to 12 water games divided into 3 separate subdivisions: family section, children’s section and adventure zone with thrilling games. The games are imported from Europe, tested and tested based on the rigorous standard system of TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) – German Quality Assurance Association, under the supervision of seasoned experts. European experience.

Relax at Premier Village Halong Bay resort

In addition to the Sun World entertainment complex, visitors to Ha Long can stop at Premier Village Halong Bay resort – the first 5-star resort of Sun Group in Quang Ninh, which has been in operation since 2020.

The resort consists of 67 villas designed in an open direction. Each apartment has a green garden layout, suitable for organizing outdoor BBQ parties. Here, 5-star chefs will directly process and serve European grilled dishes and sophisticatedly prepared fresh seafood dishes. The resort also integrates 5-star facilities such as swimming pool, restaurant, bar, modern gym…

ha long tourism, sun group, experiences you should try when traveling to ha long in the summer of 2022

Swimming pool at Premier Village Halong Bay resort. Photo: Sun Group

Premier Village Halong Bay resort scores with customers by its luxurious design and dedicated service. During Covid-19, the resort gained the world’s attention, when it was awarded by the World Travel Awards as Asia’s Leading New Resort 2020, Resort for Vietnam’s leading family 2021.

Hot mineral bath at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh resort

Coming to Ha Long, visitors should not miss the hot mineral bath experience in the Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh complex. The resort is nestled in the majestic mountains and forests, with spacious architecture, like a Japanese village in the middle of Quang Hanh valley. This place has villas with the look of a traditional Japanese house, surrounded by a Phu Tang-style garden, bringing a relaxing space in the middle of nature.

There are two separate mineral bathing spaces, suitable for the needs of visitors, such as: a public mineral bath area and a separate villa area. In particular, the public mineral bath area includes 27 mineral baths with a variety of types, from carbornate pools, cave baths, jet pools, stone baths, children’s baths, peach baths, jars, and pools. Jacuzzi, cold water plunge pool, hot water bath, foot bath…

ha long tourism, sun group, experiences you should try when traveling to ha long in the summer of 2022

Mineral bath space at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh. Photo: Sun Group

The bathing area offers health care benefits such as helping to eliminate toxins, relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, support the treatment of skin diseases, and rejuvenate the skin. , helps to refresh the spirit, reduce stress …, good for the health of the elderly and stressed workers.

Mineral water here also has a neutral pH, suitable for all subjects, ages, even those with sensitive skin. The baths at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh are equipped with a circulation filtration system, which helps to remove impurities harmful to the skin and ensures water quality even when many customers use it at the same time.

In addition to the public mineral bath area is the sauna area, providing hot and cold sauna services, Himalayan salt rock sauna…

Besides, the villa area, including many small-sized villas with indoor and outdoor mineral baths, overlooking the majestic mountains, is a suitable choice for couples and families who love privacy. Rooms with an area of ​​​​37m2 and 63m2 are divided into 3 types, such as small houses suitable for the diverse resort needs of couples, families or groups of friends. Washitsu rooms are equipped with a private sauna, Washitsu Ichi has an outdoor onsen bath, Washitsu Ni has two natural mineral baths, Washitsu Kazoku has a spacious outdoor onsen bath…

Running race in Ha Long

An attractive option for tourists this summer is the VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long, which will take place on July 24. 10,000 athletes have registered to participate in the race, including professional athletes, semi-professional athletes, movement athletes, domestic and foreign tourists.

Athletes participating in VnExpress Marathon Amazing Ha Long can participate in distances: 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km, This is also the first time in the VnExpress Marathon system, the starting and finishing points are at two other locations. together.

ha long tourism, sun group, experiences you should try when traveling to ha long in the summer of 2022

The coastal road in Ha Long. Photo: Sun Group

Starting distance 21km – 42km at Vinhomes Square, Tran Quoc Thao Street: Athletes will run through Tran Quoc Nghien beach road “the most beautiful in the Gulf of Tonkin”, through Bai Tho bridge, Ky Quan street, Bai bridge On fire. Starting a distance of 5km – 10km at Sun Square on Ky Quan Street, athletes can run along the coast with green coconuts, white sand and through the top amusement park in Ha Long.Gateway to the finish line of 4 distances at Sun Square, Wonder Street.

The opening ceremony of the tournament took place on the evening of July 23, at Sun Square, Ky Quan Street, Ha Long City. The event is free to locals, visitors and athletes. After the opening ceremony, athletes will officially enter the race on the morning of 24/7.

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