Discover Ca Mau Cape by river

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The journey to the South Pole by the river is a must-try experience for adventure lovers.

The southernmost point of Vietnam is located in a strip of land jutting into the sea in Dat Mui commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau province, more than 100 km from Ca Mau city. Currently, this place has been invested into a tourist area with many attractions. To get here, visitors can travel by both road and river. Although going by road is quite simple, conquering Ca Mau cape by the river will help visitors get the most complete feeling.

ca mau tourism, mui land, to ca mau by river, discover ca mau cape by river

Bridges, familiar images on the river route to Cape Ca Mau.

Ca Mau is endowed with a system of interlaced rivers and canals. This is also the province with the most estuaries in the country. The river route to the cape starts from pier B (in ward 8, Ca Mau city, at the end of Le Hong Phong street). Visitors will move on a high-speed canoe, leaving the port at about 8am. Ticket price 130,000 VND one way to the end point is the Dat Mui tourist area.

High-speed canoe carrying about 20 people. Before departure, visitors will be provided with life jackets to wear during the journey. Should open the canoe window to circulate air and enjoy the view.

From the city center, the canoe will go down the Ganh Hao River, cross the confluence of the Bay Hap River to the town of Nam Can. From Nam Can, the canoe enters the Cua Lon River, the river flows from West to East like a canal, turning the cape into a peninsula. Following the Cua Lon River near the Gulf of Thailand, the canoe will turn into a “matrix” of canals to go from there to Mui land.

The whole journey will take more than 3 hours. When arriving at Dat Mui pier, visitors also have to catch a motorbike taxi ride to the resort (about 4 km away) for 50,000 VND one way.

ca mau tourism, mui land, to ca mau by river, discover ca mau cape by river

The houses along the river to the cape of Ca Mau.

Sitting on a canoe, visitors will be able to freely admire the immense river scene. River life appears with motorboats and boats up and down. The experience will be even more valuable when you feel the cool river breezes with the smell of plants and trees hitting your face, then reach out to touch the alluvial-colored river water.

Occasionally, the canoe will stop at the shore to pick up and drop off passengers. On both sides of the river are countless species of mangroves such as mangroves and nipa palm trees growing close together. The corrugated iron roof houses next to each other close to the water look like a row of kiosks, with concrete pillars clinging to the sea. People mainly do grocery business and ship engine repair.

Very enjoyable but this is not a cruise for guests prone to seasickness. The smell of a mix of ship’s gasoline and sea salt can also make some people feel queasy. The tight space inside the canoe can be a bit inconvenient for those who prefer comfort. In addition, the experience should avoid the floating season (from August to November) because the rivers are full of water that will affect the movement, accompanied by a high possibility of rainstorms.

Besides, because the demand is no longer as high as before, the frequency of canoes going and returning during the day is quite low. Therefore, in the afternoon, back to Ca Mau City, you should take a bus with prices ranging from 120,000-130,000 VND one way.

ca mau tourism, mui land, to ca mau by river, discover ca mau cape by river

Ca Mau cape.

To experience the river route to Mui land, before that, visitors will have to go to Ca Mau City. The flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Ca Mau takes more than an hour with a ticket price of more than 1 million VND per turn. If you take a bus, the night bus from Ho Chi Minh City will arrive in Ca Mau in the early morning. Ticket price is 230,000 VND one way for 8 hours of travel.

photo: Minh Duc

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