Come to Bac Lieu Bird Park, discover the majestic and impressive nature

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Bac Lieu Bird Park owns a charming, green space and diverse and rich flora and fauna system. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in nature and have moments of light, peaceful, and extremely interesting sightseeing.

The way to Bac Lieu Bird Park

Bac Lieu Bird Park is located on Cao Van Lau Street, Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu City. To get here, from the city center, you find your way to Kim Son Bridge, also known as Quay Bridge. From here you move along Cao Van Lau street towards Nha Mat. Go about 3km, then go right and continue 3km, you will meet the 30/4 channel. Passing the canal you will reach the Bird Garden.

Bac Lieu Bird Park is located quite close to Bac Lieu city

When should you go to Bird Garden?

The most ideal time to visit Bac Lieu Bird Park of the year is from May to October. This is the time when birds from everywhere fly back to nest, creating a bustling, rich and diverse ecosystem. form. By January, many types of birds will move elsewhere.

Ticket prices, opening hours of Bird Garden:

  • Ticket price: 30,000 VND/ticket
  • Opening hours: 6am – 10pm

The majestic and beautiful nature of Bac Lieu Bird Park

Bac Lieu Bird Park is a remnant of the mangrove forest. In 1986, this place was recognized as a Nature Reserve. By 2014, it was recognized by the Government as a habitat type conservation area.

Bird Park gathers diversity and abundance with more than 60,000 individuals, including about 100 types of storks and 150 kinds of animals. This place is home to many rare birds, which are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world.

Bird Garden gathers a wide variety of birds

In addition, the garden also possesses extremely diverse and unique vegetation with more than 109 different types, creating a majestic and green forest carpet. In particular, trees such as dates, tra, toads, bean sprouts, fish sauce … are the nesting, residence and breeding places of many kinds of birds.

Types of storks and cauldrons often choose date palms to build nests. Meanwhile, the types of crazy books, gray herons choose the linden, bodhi tree. In contrast, the fire heron chooses the toadstools, the price. Each type of bird often chooses for itself a type of resident tree, making its own appropriate nest.

When coming to Bac Lieu Bird Garden, there will be a row of yellow swiftlet roses full of life and extremely bright right at the main entrance. You can check-in to keep memories. Going deep inside, the asphalt road running around the garden is lined with countless green trees and adorned with many kinds of flowers such as phoenix, purple tide, canary, incense, …

To visit and explore the bird garden, you can choose a means of transportation that is a dinghy or a tram or you can also walk. If you take a dinghy, you will be able to go down the canal to go deep into the garden. Cool air rises from the river surface and 2 rows of trees along the canal are shady, giving you cool sightseeing moments, comfortable watching the rich fauna of the garden.

Follow the dinghy, go down the canal to discover the bird garden

If you walk or take the tram, you will be able to go deep into the garden on a flat paved road, on both sides of the road there are also tall trees shading. Above the trees is the nesting and resting place of birds, storks, and storks. Whenever she hears a human voice, the mother bird will quickly soar to the sky, and the baby birds will raise their heads and look around.

Going to the observatory located in the middle of the garden, watching the rich vegetation from above, you will be like entering another world. Bac Lieu bird garden is large, looking far away you can still see a green color of green trees. Standing here, you will get a closer look at birds flying in the blue sky, or resting on a tree branch or lying in their nests. The richness and diversity of birds here will give you an extremely impressive picture of nature.

Countless kinds of birds at Bac Lieu bird garden

Visiting the Bird Garden, not only can you see the unique picture of nature, but you also feel like you are lost in the world of sound. Thousands of birds and individuals raise their voices, creating a bustling, messy but interesting and enchanting concert.

Coming to Bac Lieu Bird Park in the morning or afternoon, you will also “enjoy” the wonderful natural scenery. If in the early morning, you can reach the large lake located behind the garden. Usually in the morning, this place gathers many kinds of birds to drink water and catch prey.

Early morning scene at the back lake

Under the gentle light of the early morning, many kinds of birds, all different colors, gather by the large lake to create a very beautiful and impressive scene. You will also admire their skillful and wonderful flight, tilt, and dive.

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If you come to Bac Lieu Bird Park in the afternoon, you can go to the observatory located in the middle of the bird garden to see the unique scenery. In the distance, the sun gradually went down, the last golden rays of the afternoon sun shone into the sky.

On that sky background, birds from the rice fields of Bac Lieu fly back to their nests after a day of foraging, creating an impressive and unforgettable sunset scene. When they returned to the garden, they were bustling again, throbbing and throbbing across the sky.

The beautiful view of the bird garden in the afternoon

After a while exploring the nature and rich ecosystem, if you are tired, you can visit the leaf shop built by the lake to rest. The lake is calm, adorned with water lilies and lotus trees. Lying in a hammock, under the trees, the cool breeze from the lake will help you have great moments of rest.

If you do not rest, you can also participate in extremely attractive and fun folk games held right inside the bird garden such as swinging rope, cycling across the bridge, blindfolded catching the ball, swinging a dinghy, Dam dam, slap the pond to catch fish, catching pig eye foam, etc. Western-style folk games will help you have moments of returning to the fun times, filled with laughter.

Resting space at the bird garden

Bac Lieu Bird Garden is one of the must-see attractions when traveling to Bac Lieu . Coming here, back to nature, trees, birds, you will have moments of rest, peaceful and precious sightseeing.

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