Buffet Sen Tay Ho Restaurant, Hanoi

    Being a favorite address for locals and overseas gourmets to enjoy the traditional Hanoi food, the chain of Sen Buffet Restaurant is definitely a not-to-miss dining spot in Hanoi. This chain includes Sen Tay Ho, Sen Nam Thanh, and Sen Ha Thanh. Among three branches, Sen Tay Ho Buffet Restaurant (West Lake Lotus) is the most popular site adjacent to West Lake Water Park and surrounded by a beautiful garden.

    buffet sen tay ho restaurant, hanoi

    Pros of Sen Tay Ho Restaurant:

    Cons of Sen Tay Ho Restaurant:

    buffet sen tay ho restaurant, hanoi

    Architecture and Decoration

    Encoding an area of nearly 12,000 m2, the famous Sen Tay Ho is reckoned one of the largest Hanoi restaurants specializing in buffet in Vietnam. It is divided into three large buffet areas, namely the Hanoi buffet, Star Palace buffet, and International buffet.

    1. International Buffet

    Famous for its diversifying menu of over 200 hundred delicious dishes and being the largest buffet restaurant in Vietnam, which can serve 1,200 gourmets at a time, you can find in Sen Tay Ho Buffet restaurant from delicious local dishes to Special dishes. Besides, the vegetarian area will also provide interesting experiences for guests.

    International Buffet area also presents a diverse culinary space, from the modern buffet counters to the corner of the countryside market. You can freely choose relaxing seats with modern furniture or romantic spaces overlooking West Lake.

    2. Hanoi Buffet

    Hanoi Buffet again brings exquisite experiences for diners in a nostalgic space reminiscent of old Hanoi. Delicious dishes with excellent quality are the strengths of Hanoi Buffet. The buffet of Hanoi Buffet will bring you surprising discoveries with attractive seafood dishes: Grilled Lobster, Tu Hai, Scallop, Sashimi of salmon, tuna, etc. The grilled dishes are also a highlight of Hanoi Buffet, namely Grilled Australian Beef Steak, Grilled Lamb Rib with Scented Leaves.

    With the ancient house space, Hanoi Buffet has a capacity of 250 guests with very cozy sitting corners with round tables or long tables depending on your choice. In addition, in the beautiful days, you also have the option to enjoy Hanoi Buffet in the garden space overlooking the romantic West Lake. The entire garden can accommodate 250 guests at a time.

    3. The Star Palace Buffet

    The Star Palace Buffet operates every Saturday and Sunday evenings. You will enjoy a luxurious space with views of West Lake. The menu with outdoor Grill and seafood is extremely rich with delicious dishes including Grilled Ba Ba Lot Leaves, Lobster, Tu Hai, Sakam Steamed Crab, Hao Tanamia, Foie Gras, Sturgeon Fish, Frog Hot Pot, Snail Grilled Moi, etc. High-class dishes like Lamb Rib or Australian Beef are also served here.

    buffet sen tay ho restaurant, hanoi

    Lotus pond (@littletomorrowla)

    4. Other Spaces

    Besides, there are small party room spaces for your family to organize birthday parties, full months, celebrations with full decoration and organization packages to make a good impression for special days.

    In addition, Sen Tay Ho restaurant is also a place for you to organize your majestic and special wedding party. With an impressive banquet room and garden space adjacent to West Lake, and perfect wedding service packages and a team of dedicated, thoughtful staff, Sen Tay Ho Restaurant will bring you the best memories in a lifetime.

    For companies, Sen Restaurant will provide you with suitable banquet halls for conferences, customer parties or anniversary parties and in accordance with the needs of your company.

    buffet sen tay ho restaurant, hanoi

    buffet sen tay ho restaurant, hanoi

    Lotus pond in Sen Tay Ho restaurant @littletomorrowla

    How to Get to Sen Tay Ho Buffet Restaurant

    The address of Sen Tay Ho is 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho, Hanoi, which is quite near the West Lake. For your most convenience, you should take a taxi and give the driver this address. Therefore, you do not need to worry about being lost or traffic jams.

    However, if you are a big fan of traveling, we recommend that you book a GrabBike or hire a motorbike and drive yourself to this restaurant. By that way, you can have time to enjoy the cool atmosphere around West Lake before having a favorite dinner.

    Things to Note

    Buffet increasingly is loved by young people. But when you eat buffet, we have some advice for you to have a full, delicious, polite and economical meal!

    • Do not rush to take the quiz as soon as you enter a certain store. Look at the menus and surroundings of the restaurant to see what is available and where.
    • Eat appetizers first, then dry dishes, water dishes, oily dishes and finally sweet desserts
    • Choose moderate and sufficient food.
    • For fancy dishes, try it before you take it, otherwise, it will be very wasteful if it does not suit the taste.

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