A complete guide to Banh Mi in Vietnam

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Vegan Banh Mi. Photo by Mi Chay Pac Gau Mac

    You might have heard about the dish, but those are just small parts of the diverse world of Banh Mi. Coming to its homeland, it’s worth a bit of your time exploring this signature one.

    A brief look into the origin of Banh Mi

    Banh Mi was a localization of the French baguette, brought into Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) during the French colonization in the 19th century. As local people made the dish more accessible and convenient for the Vietnamese lifestyle, the original french baguette has become shorter in length, hollower and fluffier inside. Local people also change the fillings, using local ingredients and sauces that match local cuisine preferences.

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Pate in Banh Mi. Photo by img-global.cpcdn.com

    Types of Banh Mi – the notable similarities and differences

    In each region of Vietnam, Banh Mi tells different stories about locals’ distinct flavor preferences, local agricultural plants, and animals. However, they all share similarities in terms of main ingredients and flavors.

    Firstly, the signature shape and flavor of the crunchy small-size baguette. Often come in 20-30 cm length with a golden crispy outer layer accompanied by a white, soft inner layer of yeasty white bread, Banh Mi delivers a satisfying textural feeling at the first bite.

    The second alikeness is the signature flavor of unique Pate paste and the homemade mayonnaise sauce. Pate used in most Banh Mi within and outside Vietnam contributes to the unmistakable flavor of the dish. This spread is made mainly from pork livers, while some variants are made from cow, chicken, or duck. Each vendor produces their pate with distinct recipes, thus, coming to Vietnam is an opportunity to explore your favorite ones.

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Homemade Mayonnaise. Photo by img-global.cpcdn.com

    Mayonnaise is also added for the creamy mouthfeel of the bite, making a perfect flavor addition to pate.

    The third similarity is the taste of herbs and vegetables alongside the main fillings. Some of the local herbs such as Vietnamese basil, cilantro, spring onion, pickled carrot and radish, mint, and cucumber always be added for a more nutritious and flavor-balance loaf of Banh Mi.

    The significant difference is the fillings. Some are more popular than others in different regions, however, most are available national-wide. It’s up to you to try and pick your favorite one. Here are the top choices of Banh Mi fillings to consider:

    Banh Mi Thit Nguoi (Coldcut)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Coldcut Banh Mi. Photo by Happy Foods Tube

    This bread is stuffed with cold cuts ham and sausages with a generous splash of soy sauce alongside pate, mayonnaise, vegetable, herbs, and spices such as black pepper, red chili, or chili oil.

    Banh Mi Thit Nguoi is available worldwide and national wide, however, it’s more popular in the North and Southern region of Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City).

    Banh Mi Heo Quay (Grilled Pork)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Grilled Pork Banh Mi. Photo by Foody‌ ‌

    Instead of cold ingredients, this bread is filled with freshly grilled pork patties. The other ingredients are almost identical to the Coldcut ones.

    Banh Mi Op La (Omlette)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Omelet Banh Mi. Photo by Lam Anh/ laodong.vn

    There are two versions of the omelet Banh Mi, the first one is ordinary omelet fillings with other ingredients like others types of Banh Mi. The second type is pan-omelet served separately with the Vietnamese baguette. They pan-fry the eggs with special sauce, sausages, and pate, topped with onion slices and green onion, then serve with small-size crunchy baguettes.

    Banh Mi Xiu Mai (Pork Meat Balls)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Meatballs with tomato sauce. Photo by Lam Anh/ laodong.vn

    This type of Banh Mi is widespread in Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City. The pork meatballs will firstly be fried, then cooked with chicken broth, species and herbs. It can be served separately in a bowl or filled inside the traditional Banh Mi style.

    Banh mi Ga (Grilled shredded chicken)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Shredded Chicken Banh Mi. Photo by Grab

    Freshly grilled, hot, and yummy choice of protein for your Banh Mi, Banh Mi Ga is not as popular as others, but you can find it in big Banh Mi stores across the country.

    Banh Mi Bot Loc (Clear dumpling cake)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh Mi Bot loc. Photo by VTC

    The one that is made only in central Vietnam. This one is topped with chewy clear dumpling cakes. The dumplings are filled with the traditional sweet and salty shrimp saute or cooked mung bean. This one is available in many vendors or large Banh mi stalls in Hue city.

    Banh Mi Chay (Vegan)

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh mi chay with a mushroom quinoa patty. Photo by delectabilia

    As Buddhism is a thriving religion in Vietnam, vegan options for Banh Mi are various. You can find mushroom banh mi, tofu banh mi, vegan meatloaf, or even vegan clear dumpling cake banh mi with the filling made from mung beans or saute mushroom with carrot.

    Ho Chi Minh

    Banh Mi Hoa Ma

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh Mi Hoa Ma. Photo by Hello Travel

    It’s one of the oldest Banh Mi in Vietnam, which offers various choices of fillings. They are famous for pan-fried Banh Mi, in which ingredients such as eggs, sausage, and meatloaf are fried together in a pan, then served with plain baguettes.

    • Opening time: 6 A.M – 11 A.M
    • Address: 53 Cao Thang, District 3
    • Price range: 30.000VND- 60.000 VND
    • Should try: Two fried eggs with assorted meat Banh Mi

    Banh Mi Huynh Hoa

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Photo by Vietnamnet

    Banh Mi Huynh Hoa is located in central Ho Chi Minh City. It only serves take-away with a wide range of options. They are known for the signature hearty flavor and the big potion of meat filling in each Banh Mi.

    • Opening time: 11 A.M – 9 P.M
    • Address: 26 Le Thi Rieng, District 1
    • Price range: 40.000VND- 60.000 VND
    • Should try: Coldcut Banh Mi

    Hoi An

    Banh Mi Phuong:

    It lies among the first established Banh Mi stores in Hoi An and is rated as one of the world’s best Banh Mi. The first impression of Banh mi here is a huge portion and a lot of fillings. Notice that there will be a long line of customers waiting!

    • Opening time: 6 A.M – 9:30 P.M
    • Address: 2b Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An
    • Price range: 25.000VND- 30.000 VND
    • Should try: Bread Mixed

    Madame Khanh

    Madame Khanh is often known under the name Banh Mi Queen. The place offers various options of Banh Mi and a large portion of filling.

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh Mi Hoa Ma. Photo by Hello Travel‌ ‌

    • Opening time: 6:30 A.M – 7:30 P.M
    • Address: 115 Tran Cao Van, Hoi An
    • Price range: 20.000VND- 30.000 VND
    • Should try: Chicken Banh Mi

    Da Nang:

    Banh Mi Ba Lan

    Hearty filling with special homemade pate, Banh Mi Ba Lan is beloved by both locals and tourists in Da Nang. This store’s unique option is Banh Mi Qu. This type of bread features a stick-like shape with the filling comprised of mayonnaise, spring onion, and salted shredded chicken or pork.

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh Mi Ba Lan. Photo by Anh Quan Bakery‌ ‌

    • Opening time: 3 P.M- 10:30 P.M
    • Address: 62 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
    • Price range: 10.000VND- 25.000 VND
    • Should try: Banh Mi Ba Lan, Banh Mi Que


    Banh Mi chao Cot dien

    Similar to Banh Mi Hoa Ma in Ho Chi Minh city, this store offers the pan-fried style of Banh Mi.

    • Address:
    • Opening time: 8:30 A.M – 10 P.M
    • Address: 71 Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da, Ha Noi
    • 403 Bach Mai, Bach Mai, Ha Noi
    • Price range: 25.000 VND – 50.000VND
    • Should try: Mixed Banh Mi

    Banh Mi Pate Lan Ong

    Among the oldest Banh Mi stalls in Ha Noi, the baguettes here are simple yet yummy, with the taste of traditional flavors.

    cultural, a complete guide to banh mi in vietnam

    Banh Mi Lan Ong. Photo by bestpricetravel

    • Opening time: 8:30 A.M to 10P.M
    • Address:  03 locations in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
    • Price range: 30.000 VND – 55.000VND
    • Should try: Banh Mi Pate Lan Ong

    Enjoy your Banh Mi’s exploring in Vietnam!

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