24 hours exploring Tra Vinh

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Not a prominent land on the tourist map, but Tra Vinh attracts tourists by its peaceful scenery and delicious and rustic local dishes.

Temporarily away from the city, Henry Duong chooses Tra Vinh as a destination to experience the weekend. About 130 km from Ho Chi Minh City, this place is suitable for those who do not have much time to travel and want to temporarily avoid crowded places.

“Starting from Thu Duc city at 6pm, it takes about 3 hours by motorbike to reach Tra Vinh city,” Henry said.

Henry Duong (HCMC)




The first place on his trip to Tra Vinh, Henry went to Vam Ray pagoda and Dong Hai wind power field, two locations quite far from the city center.

Check out from the hotel at 5:30, male tourists move to Vam Ray pagoda, which is about 35 km from the center. To get to Vam Ray Pagoda, from Tra Vinh city, visitors follow Highway 54 to Tap Son, turn left onto Highway 53 to Tra Cu, cross Ham Giang bridge turn right, he shared.

mekong delta, tra vinh, tra vinh tourism, 24 hours exploring tra vinh

Vam Ray is located in Ham Tan commune, Tra Cu district, is one of the most prominent Khmer temples in Tra Vinh with its palace-like architecture resplendent by glittering gold from the domes, pillars to the statues. reliefs. This place was rebuilt from the old temple more than 600 years old that was destroyed by war, Henry informed.

Leaving Vam Ray Pagoda, male tourists continue to move to Dong Hai 1 wind power field. Dong Hai 1 wind power field is located in Dinh An hamlet, Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district.

“The distance to this place makes me feel like I’m lost in the middle of a maze with mangrove forests, a system of canals interlaced. This check-in point attracts young people by its European-like scenery with 25 white-painted pillars 105m high and Three giant propellers in the middle of the vast ocean,” Henry said.

The male tourist shared that dawn and late afternoon are the two best time to take pictures of the day. In addition to check-in, Henry also experienced the simple life of fishermen, watched the profession of catching crab eggs by the wind with bold southern coastal culture.


At 11 a.m., Henry from Dong Hai 1 wind power field headed to Tra Vinh city to continue his trip with destinations including KomPong Ksan temple, Ong pagoda, Ba Om pond, Ang pagoda, Uncle Ho’s temple.

If you do not want to travel far, visitors can choose 2 Khmer temples KomPong Ksan, Ang Pagoda in the city center, possessing ancient architecture, and beautiful check-in corners, Henry suggested.

mekong delta, tra vinh, tra vinh tourism, 24 hours exploring tra vinh

The first point in the afternoon schedule is Ong Pagoda (also known as Phuoc Minh Cung) located on Dien Bien Phu Street, in Ward 2, Tra Vinh City. This is a religious art architecture that preserves the traditional cultural beauty of the Chinese community in the Mekong Delta.

The pagoda consists of 3 buildings: Tien Dien, Trung Dien, and Main hall, located in parallel, forming a triangle shape. Behind the pagoda, there is also a flower garden with many green trees and rockeries for tourists to visit.

Ba Om Pond is a famous scenic spot because of its unspoiled and quiet natural scenery. The primeval forest with hundreds of ancient trees surrounding the large pond and the shady, zigzag paths, and many steep hills make you think you’re lost in the middle of Da Lat.

The relic of Uncle Ho’s temple includes the main constructions of the cover, the gallery, the park… The cover is designed in the form of a fresh pink stylized lotus. The Exhibition House was built according to the traditional architecture of the nation. The park features a lotus pond and a system of green trees.

“On the way back, you can stop at My Tho (Tien Giang) to enjoy satay noodle soup,” introduced Henry.

Eat what?

During this trip mostly Henry spent sightseeing, and check-in. The distance to travel to tourist destinations is quite far. To optimize time, male tourists choose to eat quickly instead of trying all the local specialties.

“When traveling, I often choose familiar dishes for easy digestion, in case something strange leads to unhealthy health when I have to move constantly,” he said.

On the way from Vam Ray temple to wind power, Henry stopped for breakfast at a restaurant with ribs rice. He rated the quality of the food as quite good. The average price is 45,000 VND/person.

mekong delta, tra vinh, tra vinh tourism, 24 hours exploring tra vinh

Dung Chuong noodle soup is a restaurant where tourists choose to stop for lunch. This is an address that people who travel to Tra Vinh must definitely try. “The experience was not what I expected. The food was not very appetizing. However, the restaurant is crowded with local diners, so you can consider it. The price is 35,000-40,000 VND,” said Henry.

The taste of noodle soup in this restaurant is quite strange. Noodle broth is not hot. Vermicelli is like silkworm cake. Each bowl is given quite a lot of prices, mushrooms. In addition, guests can order other toppings such as 14,000 dong roast pork packages, 3,000 dong spring rolls, 3,000 dongs, and male tourists shared.

On the way back, Henry came to My Tho when it was getting dark, so he stopped to rest and enjoy satay noodle soup. The restaurant is in the alley but the locals visit a lot. The bowl of vermicelli is quite large and has a lot of meat, the satay water is viscous, and the taste is a bit sweet and medium spicy. The taste is quite good, the price is 60,000 VND.


Before the trip, Henry consulted the accommodation in advance on online booking sites. Hotels on online booking channels are relatively few. “The phone numbers contacting the accommodation are often incorrect. Therefore, it was only when I came to Tra Vinh city to find and book a room,” Henry shared his experience.

Due to the need to sleep for only one night, Henry chose a place to stay with a range of 200,000-300,000 VND. Location in the city center easy to move to the points. “The room I stayed in consists of 2 single beds, the toilet has a standing shower, fully equipped with a water heater. The minus point is that there is no hair dryer, iron. If needed, you can contact the reception. It’s been cold for a long time without cleaning, so it’s a bit noisy,” commented the male tourist.


Accommodation: 150,000 VND

Meals: 150,000 VND

Travel expenses: 120,000 VND

In total, the weekend trip costs 420,000 VND/person for the experience of discovering Tra Vinh city. This fee is for reference only. Depending on the travel and accommodation needs of each person, the cost may be higher or lower.

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