12 hours wandering Mang Den

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

KON TUM – Cotton grass hill, Kon Pring community tourism village or Khanh Lam pagoda are reasonable destinations for half a day in Mang Den.

Mang Den (Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province) is likened to the “second Da Lat” of the Central Highlands. This town with an altitude of more than 1,200 m above sea level possesses a cool climate all year round and a rich forest ecosystem, suitable for short trips to avoid the heat. Nguyen Thi Binh An, 37 years old, a travel blogger in Ho Chi Minh City, suggests attractions for a day in Mang Den.

6 am – 8 am: Hunting dawn at the hill of reeds

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

Grass life in the morning dew. Photo: NVCC

The grass hill is located on Mang Den pass – National Highway 24, more than 2 km from the welcome gate of Mang Den. The top of the hill is covered with reed grass, with a clear view, watching the dawn. This is also an ideal camping spot.

An advises tourists to depart at 5am, use Google Maps to find their way, and dress warmly because Mang Den is quite cold in the early morning. After arriving at the location of the grassy hill on Google Maps, visitors need to pay close attention to see the small path leading up the hill. “This road can be accessed by motorbikes, but requires hard steering. Otherwise, you should choose a wide, safe place to park your car, then walk up the hill,” An suggested.

In addition to watching the sunrise, this is also a cloud hunting spot in Mang Den. According to An, from June to August it is easy to have a sea of ​​clouds. If there is heavy rain at night and the temperature drops suddenly, the next morning there is a high chance of clouds.

8:00am – 10:00am: Visit vegetable farms

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

The area for growing vegetables and fruits on the farm in Mang Den. Photo: NVCC

Leaving the grass hill, visitors can visit the area where many vegetable farms are located about 8 km away. With a favorable climate, Mang Den is a “meeting point” of clean vegetable projects and new-style farms.

As said vegetables and fruits here are grown in camps, erected and surrounded by thick nets. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit, take pictures, and buy as gifts of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, strawberries, mini cabbage, pumpkin, and celery.

Visitors should note that the road to the farms is mainly dirt road, very slippery if it rains. In addition, some farms have an entrance fee.

10am – 2pm: Explore the Kon Pring community tourism village

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

Grilled chicken with lam rice. Photo: NVCC

Return to Highway 24 and go in the opposite direction of the welcome gate of Mang Den, you will come to Kon Pring community tourism village. Nestled in the middle of the mountains and forests, Kon Pring is still quite primitive and rustic, featuring a communal roof and beautiful small houses on stilts, located one after another.

Coming here, visitors will be able to interact with villagers (mainly Mo Nam people), listen to village elders tell stories, visit families making traditional products such as skirts, brocade shirts, T’rung instruments, etc. crossbow, basket.

For the full experience, visitors should stay for lunch in the village, taste the grilled chicken with rice lam with a special marinade. There is also a homestay in the village for those who want to stay overnight.

14h – 17h: Play Pa Sy waterfall, Dak Ke lake

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

Pa Sy waterfall flows from a height of about 50 m. Photo: NVCC

Next, visitors move 9 km to the west to enter the area with many lakes and waterfalls of Mang Den, visit Pa Sy waterfall and Dak Ke lake. These are all gentle destinations, suitable for many tourists.

The ticket price to enter the Pa Sy waterfall tourist area is 20,000 per person. “From the parking lot, you go through a suspension bridge. Remember to go lightly, do not play, shake when on the bridge. Then turn left, walk a little more will see the waterfall appear,” An said. The favorite photo spot here is a rock located in front of the waterfall.

Meanwhile, Dak Ke lake area is designed as a garden of colorful trees and flowers, creating a pleasant atmosphere, suitable for visitors who like to check-in.

5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.: Watch the sunset at Khanh Lam Pagoda

kon tum tourism, mang den tourism, 12 hours wandering mang den

Khanh Lam Pagoda at sunset. Photo: NVCC

To close a day of activities, visitors can visit Khanh Lam Pagoda, located about 3 km from Dak Ke Lake. Located on a hilltop, Khanh Lam Pagoda is a familiar spiritual destination for tourists when coming to Mang Den, and also an ideal place to watch the sunset.

An added: “From the main gate at the foot of the hill, you climb 200 steps to reach the main hall, then go out the back door to see the hill of local people’s crops. This is a place where you can see the whole view. perfect sunsets on beautiful days”.

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