11 Wonderful Waterfalls by Da Lat

    A city was designed to be a resort for the French, the waterfalls near Da Lat accentuate its natural beauty. The sound of water rushing over a cliff is one that people will travel near and far for, but its visual lure is just as impressive.

    Da Lat is located in the Central Highlands region, so the waterfalls often are accompanied by a stunning wooded forest. Many of them are easily accessible and require only a little walking to reach, while a couple of others can be hiked to or driven for an extra fee. If you’re visiting one of these falls during the rainy season, be sure to ask a resident how to do so safely and wear substantial foot attire.

    By order of proximity, here are the best waterfalls near Da Lat.

    Cam Ly Waterfall – 5 km | 10 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Cam Ly Waterfall. Photo: manhhai

    A short distance from the city center, Cam Ly Waterfall is a lovely, quick scenic place to visit within Da Lat. Travelers of all ages and fitness levels can access these falls, located along the Cam Le stream in a somewhat inhabited residential area.

    These are gently flowing waters that fall from about 10 m/32 feet high and trickle-down quietly, although it can be heard while walking up to them from the pathway by the lake. Cam Ly Waterfall is a peaceful place to visit for a relaxing time or stroll outside for some fresh air.

    Datanla Waterfalls – 6.4 km | 10 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Datanla Waterfalls. Photo: thalling55

    Just a short distance from Da Lat, Datanla Waterfalls is a beautiful area that has been developed into a tourist attraction. There are seven falls in total to form this impressive natural structure, flowing down a height of 20 m/66 feet and onto various tiers. Pathways covered in lush greenery and trees are carved out all around the falls to give visitors great views of the water.

    Due to its popularity, Datanla Waterfalls is regularly crowded with tourists, schools, and even local vacationers. The best time of year to visit the falls is during Da Lat’s dry season, which is November through March. However, if you are in town during other months, an overcast day is your best bet to avoid the crowds.

    There’s so much to do at the falls beyond just nature viewing and casual hiking. Since its a popular tourist destination, the area has evolved to offer many activities.

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Datanla New Alpine Coaster in Da Lat. Photo: Nick Postorino

    Alpine Coaster at Datanla

    Reaching a speed of 20-40 km per hour, the alpine coaster at Datanla Waterfalls is a fun and exciting way to see the environment and views on this hillside course. It’s one of Vietnam’s top alpine coasters.

    Kayaking at Datanla

    Renting a kayak to explore some of the area’s natural waterways isn’t cheap but is a unique way to experience what these grounds offer.

    Cable Car at Datanla

    For a stress-free way to view the falls, catch a cable car ride departing from the top of Prenn Pass.

    Ropes Course at Datanla

    The ropes course in the Datanla Falls area is somewhat demanding but utterly worthwhile if you’re in decent physical shape.

    Tiger Cave & Falls – 13 km | 25 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Tiger Cave & Falls. Photo: Nghĩa Lâm

    The Tiger Cave Waterfall, also known as Hang Cop Waterfall, is a short drive away from Da Lat and features tumbling waters that reach a height of 50 m/164 feet. Legend has it that a tiger once lived at these falls and terrorized a village until a resident confronted the animal and scared it into the forests.

    At the top of the falls is a suspension bridge and cave open to visitors to explore and take photos. There is an entry fee to visit the waterfall, just a short walk from the attraction’s parking lot.

    These waterfalls were more heavily trafficked a couple of decades ago, but they haven’t been kept up too well or renovated. Nonetheless, it remains a nice spot to see some natural beauty and isn’t as crowded as other nearby waterfalls.

    Tam Tham Waterfall – 24 km | 1 hour

    Tam Tham Waterfall is a less visited natural wonder that many group tours love to hike. Travelers looking for a hearty hike with a reward at the end enjoy making the trek to these falls, as it’s a treat that most sightseers don’t get to see. From Da Lat to the trailhead is 24 km/15 miles, and then the hike to the waterfall is another 22.5 km/14 miles, making this journey a five or six-hour adventure.

    Most visitors do this in a tour, but hiking solo is possible too. People who don’t want to walk the whole route can hire a jeep to take them most of the way there, but it does cost an extra fee.

    Lien Khuong Waterfall – 30 km | 35 minutes

    With a height of 50 m/164 feet and a width of 200 m/656 feet, the impressive Lien Khuong Waterfall is a magnificent sight to see. Located in the Lien Dien commune, the visitors’ preferred way to reach the waterfall grounds is by motorbike.

    This waterfall is especially appealing because it isn’t generally crowded with international tourists but is often frequented by locals. Upon arriving at the entrance, a fee must be paid to the attendant who will take you to the path to the falls via a metal staircase, bamboo forest, and banana trees.

    Gougah Waterfall – 38 km | 50 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Gougah Waterfall. Photo: David Pirmann

    Even though it’s not as popular a tourist attraction as it once was, the Gougah Waterfall is still an excellent site, according to those who still visit it. This location has been used for camping, picnics, and swimming in the water on a hot day.

    The falls are formed by the Da Nimh River that flows through towns until it reaches a 30 m/98-foot drop, forming the rushing cascades before ultimately ending at a lake. Since the area hasn’t been kept up like other waterfall attractions, tourists should be extra careful when swimming or doing anything by the water.

    Elephant Waterfalls – 39 km | 1 hour 10 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Elephant Waterfalls. Photo: Mathieu Schoutteten

    Also called “Lieng Rowoa Waterfall,” the Elephant Waterfalls are some of the largest of these natural beauties in the Central Highlands region. The 30-meter/98-foot falling waters create an incredibly peaceful atmosphere, allowing visitors’ minds to drift off to a state of relaxation.

    At the foot of the waterfall is a Bat Cave that goes as deep as 50 m/164 feet; tourists are welcome to explore it after viewing the falls from the base. The Linh An pagoda is also nearby and accessible after exploring the rest of the area.

    Elephant Waterfalls are best visited early in the morning before the local traffic picks up. Temperatures at the bottom of the waterfall and in the Bat Cave can be much cooler and damp the closer you get to it, so it’s wise to bring a jacket and appropriate footwear. There’s a visitor center at the park entrance where souvenirs can be purchased and nearby restaurants for grabbing a bite to eat by the falls.

    Pongour Waterfall – 50 km | 1 hour

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Pongour Waterfall. Photo: Loek Zanders

    A trip to Da Lat isn’t complete without visiting the Pongour Waterfall, which is quite possibly the most beautiful waterfall in this part of Vietnam. These gorgeous roaring cascades reach a height of 4o meters/131 feet and tumble down seven tiers, resembling a woman’s long hair and creating a 3D effect.

    There’s a small entry fee and parking fee, if applicable, but visitors have the option to hike to the falls or catch a ride to them for an extra cost.

    The Pongour Waterfall flows all year long, but the dry season between December and March is when it’s easier to trek there or participate in other outdoor activities, like fishing. The rainy season is from April through September, and while it’s not as desirable or sunny during these months, the water rushes a lot faster and looks its fullest.

    It’s also important to note that there aren’t many places to eat near the falls. There are a few snack stands, but people who plan on staying for the majority of the day should pack a lunch for a picnic.

    K’Ho Festival

    Pongour Waterfall is the only known waterfall in the area to have its own festival, the K’Ho Festival, that happens on the 15th of the first lunar month. Travelers in the region during this time may find this event exciting and a unique cultural experience. Some of the activities at this fest include singing, dancing, games, and cooking different foods.

    Bao Dai Waterfall – 58.5 km | 1 hour

    Named for Vietnam’s last emperor, Bao Dai, who supposedly enjoyed hunting in this region, this waterfall in the Ta Hine commune gained national recognition in the early 2000s as a national scenic spot. These noisy falls flow down a cliff and tumble into three tiers before landing in a base pool.

    To reach the falls only takes about a 10-minute walk past the entrance, and most people spend just a couple of hours on-site at the most. The dense jungle environment adds to the ambiance, making this location feel a lot further away than it is.

    Phi Lieng Waterfall – 85 km | 2 hours 10 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Phi Lieng Waterfall. Photo: facebook.com/ThacPhiLieng

    The Phi Lieng Waterfall is the perfect answer to escaping the hectic city activity and experiencing a little time in a charming and serene forest area. Located in the Dam Rong District, these mystical waterfalls tumble down a giant stone wall, reaching a height of 70 m/230 feet.

    The cooling mist of the falling water is enough to make anyone feel rejuvenated. Still, the spectacular scenery is ideal for practicing photography or taking a mental time-out to enjoy Mother Nature.

    Dambri Waterfall – 130 km | 2 hours 40 minutes

    11 wonderful waterfalls by da lat

    Dambri Waterfall.

    Compared to other waterfall options around Da Lat, Dambri Waterfall is further away but still worth the trip for a one-day adventure. The natural wonder in Lam Dong Province is a spectacular sight, surrounded by tropical trees and bushes as far as the eye can see.

    Dambri Waterfall is also the tallest one in the area with a height of 57 m/187 feet, a width of 30 m/98 feet, and features breathtaking cascades over the rocks and through the forestry. There is a fee to enter, and it’s best to visit during the weekdays as weekends and holidays attract a lot of crowds.

    Being able to experience the finest waterfalls near Da Lat is something that outdoors enthusiasts around the world would envy. Whether you choose to visit one that’s popular among other travelers or a hidden gem, spending time by these majestic waterways is a great way to refresh the soul.

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