10 Best Places For Shopping In Hue On Your Vietnam Tour

    Hue is a beautiful city with plenty of places to shop. Even though this city houses a few malls and plazas, the best place to shop in Hue is the street markets. One can find a number of traditional artifacts and creations to choose from. Many vendors sell some of the most unique designs of traditional art and crafts here which can be purchased for surprisingly low rates when shopping in Hue. Whether it be buying gifts for relatives or buying a souvenir as a token of remembrance, shopping forms an integral part of any kind of travel.

    Where To Shop In Hue

    One may wonder where they could go shopping in this vibrant Vietnamese city. Listed below are the top ten places offering a fun experience of shopping here.

    1. Dong Ba Market

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    Dong Ba Market in Hue is one of the oldest shopping markets in Hue which sells a variety of products at affordable prices. It is housed in a large grey building which is situated along the Perfume River. This grey building is labeled “Cho Dong Ba” which is the Vietnamese version of “Dong Ba Market”. This market opens every day at 03:00 AM to cater for the locals who come here looking to buy fresh vegetables, fruits and exotic seafood. This is also the best night market in Hue which is flocked by locals during the evenings.

    Location: Tran Hung Dao Street, Hue
    What to buy: Household items, traditional Vietnamese handicrafts, clothing, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables

    2. Gia Huy Silk Hue

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    This is a small but unique boutique in Hue which is popular for providing efficient tailoring services. An extensive collection of colorful textile is sold here. The staff members of this boutique ensure that one gets perfect customized clothing. One can design the garment themselves, with some help from the boutique’s staff to get the perfect style and material. They even offer international shipping through Vietnam Post airmail.

    Location: 48 – 50 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hue
    What to buy: tailor-made suits, dresses and jackets

    3. Healing The Wounded Heart Hue

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    The specialty of this shop which was founded by a non-government organization is that it works with the disabled children to produce recycled handicrafts and then puts these on sale. The funds generated are then used in providing them with fair wages, housing, medical insurance and recreational allowance. The highlights of this place include bowls made from telephone wires of varied colors, bamboo baskets which are hand-woven, silk scarves and unique photo frames made out of recycled beer cans.

    Location: 23 Vo Thi Sau Street, Hue
    What to buy: Accessories, handicrafts and apparel made from recycled items

    4. New Space Art Foundation Hue

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    This gallery was founded by two brothers, Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh who display a unique collection of their folk paintings here. This art gallery is a two storey building and accommodates a garden, lacquer, and photography studios which offer the experience of best shopping in Hue. In order to encourage the spread of art in Hue, these brothers host regular evening art exhibition events in which the spectacular pieces of art made by budding artisans are put on sale.

    Location: 28 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Hue
    What to buy: unique art pieces by upcoming artists, folk paintings

    5. Posh Boutiques

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    There are several posh boutiques housed by this wonderful city near the Trang Tien Bridge junction. Shopping in Hue city is best experienced when someone ventures out between the Duy Tan Hotel and Trang Tien Bridge. Numerous high-end boutiques selling everything from traditional Vietnamese garments to modern international designs can be found here. Even though it is quite expensive to buy the garments or get it stitched from here, these boutiques offer very good quality garments which overshadows the high cost.

    Location: between Duy Tan Hotel and Trang Tien Bridge, Hue
    What to buy: customized garments

    6. Tay Loc Market

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    This place caters mostly to the local population of Hue but even the travelers can find several places to shop and snack over here. The street shops here sell an assortment of traditional accessories and garments. This is one market where the visitors get to experience cheap shopping in Hue. There are many shops which even sell interesting souvenirs in the form of conical hats and wooden carvings. The best time to visit this market is in the morning when one can savor the popular local dishes including Banh Beo, Hue Beef Noodle Soup and Spring Rolls.

    Location: 209 Nguyen Trai Street, Hue
    What to buy: accessories, clothing, souvenirs, local food

    7. Pilgrimage Hotel

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    The gift shops at the Pilgrimage hotel are perfect for buying traditional Vietnamese craftwork as a gift for family and friends back home or as a travel souvenir. A unique assortment of an appealing range of local and traditional crafts are displayed for sale here. These shops offer a lot of variety of high-quality merchandise at pocket-friendly prices and give an amazing experience of shopping in Hue Vietnam.

    Location: 130 Minh Mang, Thuy Xuan, Thanh Pho, Thua Thien, Hue
    What to buy: crafts made from silk fabric, ceramics, woodwork and rattan/wicker

    8. Blue De Hue

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    Vietnam is known for the manufacture and sale of beautiful Chinese blue and white porcelain which is one of the best things to buy in Hue Vietnam. Several articles like plates, bowls and other forms of containers are made from porcelain and ceramic with unique designs on them made in blue and white colors. These art pieces are a must-buy when in Hue as the most authentic pieces are sold only in this part of Vietnam. Hue is one of the major manufacturers of this unique but attractive artwork.

    Location: Hue
    What to buy: ceramic, stonework, wooden carvings and lacquerware

    9. Trang Tien Plaza

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    This plaza is one of the only shopping malls in Hue where one can get almost anything from household items to high-end branded garments. The shops here are divided into four floors which cater for shopping, food and gaming enthusiasts. There are many cafes and restaurants housed inside as well as outside the Hue plaza which serve an exciting range of Vietnamese fast food.

    Location: 06, Tran Hung Dao Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hue
    What to buy: high-end branded clothes and accessories

    10. Queen Pearl Gift Shop

    vietnam, 10 best places for shopping in hue on your vietnam tour

    Pearl is the most unique and elegant gemstone which is said to bring luck and prosperity to anyone who wears it. This is one of the major shopping centers in Hue Vietnam which sells a variety of attractive jewelry made from the pearls collected from the local bay. Clients can even customize their jewelry and get it delivered at their doorstep. The prices here are fixed and affordable so there won’t be the hassle of bargaining and wasting time.

    Location: 29B Chu Van An, Hue
    What to buy: pearl jewelry and accessories

    These are some of the best places which offer an amazing experience of shopping in Hue. Make sure you add as many of these as possible to your itinerary for a wholesome and refreshing shopping experience in Vietnam. Plan a trip to Vietnam right away and embark on a shopping spree in this delightful destination!

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Kandy Shopping

    Which are the best kinds of shops to do Kandy shopping from?

    Antique stores, boutiques, book stores, cell phone shops, chocolate shops, clothing shops, cosmetics stores, craft stores, department stores, gift shops, jeweler shops, craft stores, and tea stores.

    What types of shopping markets are present in Kandy, Sri Lanka?

    Kandy in Sri Lanka has Central Markets, night markets, open local markets, outdoor markets, and shopping malls to shop authentic Sri Lankan products and branded goods.

    What is the authentic beverage product to buy once in Kandy?

    The Lankan Tea is a world popular for its special taste and aroma. It is advisable to taste the Lanka tea and buy from authorized Lankan Tea stores and tea museums in Kandy.

    Which is the best fabric to buy by women tourists once in Kandy tour?

    The women tourists must try the Lankan silk drapes. They are original silk fabrics, which are hand-woven too. You can buy them from authorized Lankan Silk Factory shops and handicraft shops in Kandy.

    What are the edible items to buy once in the Kandy trip?

    The Sri Lankan spices are the best to buy from Kandy local markets. They add fresh aroma, taste and special flavor in culinary.

    Are herbal cosmetics available in Kandy?

    Yes, Sri Lanka is known for its tropical rainforest and thousands of herbs found here. You can buy many herbal cosmetic products from herbal stores present in Kandy.

    Is it possible to go shopping in Kandy on a day trip?

    Yes, you can do shopping in its shopping malls, local markets and in the night market in a day trip once in Kandy tour, Sri Lanka.

    Is Kandy the best place to shop for kids?

    Yes, Kandy has many baby stores, kids wear shops, gift shops, toy shops and kids-friendly places in major shopping malls.

    Do shops in Kandy accept Traveler’ Cheques from tourists?

    Yes, most of the shopping malls and boutiques in Kandy City accept Traveler’ Cheques from tourists. It is advisable to inquire first before purchasing.

    Do shops in Kandy accept credit cards from tourists?

    Yes, most of the shops in Kandy accept credit card payments from tourists. It is advisable to enter such shops, which have a MasterCard logo on their storefronts.

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